Day care center SPECIFICALLY market to drivers?


(Jerry Hall) #1

There’s a huge opportunity for someone to create the overnight daycare center for Uber and Lyft drivers.Especially with school about to be out for the summer and you know that the parent is heading out to make money. The kids are going to be sleep most of the time anyway. $10 per hour x 5 kids

5 hour minimum per child

Equals HOW MUCH per night???

(Timothy Clark) #2

Yes bc my son is in a 24/7 center in Sandy Springs… that thang running me $205 A DAMN WEEK

(Harris Frank) #3

We are located @
801 Vanderbilt Ct. NW.
Atlanta GA. 30318

Hours of operation are as follows…
4:30Am-5:30Pm Day Shift
7:00Pm-4:00Am Night/Over night shift
Closed Saturday & Sunday

Our rates are as follows
Ages 6weeks to 36 Months
Monday-Friday 4:30Am-5:30Pm
$100.00 deposit
$100.00 a week per child

Ages 6 Weeks to 36 Months
$135.00 deposit
$135.00 weekly per child

(Eric Moore) #4

I totally understand childcare can be a lot! I provide a home away from home environment for my little people. It’s nothing like going to work knowing ur little ones are in safe & loving arms.

(Jill Aron) #5

He will be 4 May 31, doesnt start prek till aug. Work hours are mon & tues 8-330pm, wed & thr 330-11pm, alt fri or sat 8-5. Audrey Tell-Smith

(Jose Hernandez) #6

What would his charge be & are you ok with alternating hours? I have the hardest time finding care until 11pm

(Anderson Lee) #7

your hours are no problem. I have kids now as we speak. His charge would be
$135.00 deposit
$135.00 weekly

(Kenneth Miller) #8

Ok. I know you dont keep kids on weekends, but could we arrange to come by, view children’s area & allow you to meet him before Monday?

(Paul Garcia) #9

Cool Beans! If I don’t answer just come on I will be here. Looking forward to meeting you and Mr. Little guy.
Thank you

(David Smith) #10

Kita we are located
801 Vanderbilt Ct. NW.
Atlanta GA.

(Audrina Jameson) #11

Problem solved. There’s always been 24/7 places.

I know one in Decatur that’s been there forever.

(Peter Dave) #12

It used to be a 24 hr daycare on Bouldercrest. I had a friend years ago that worked second shift and that’s where her kids went.

(Mitchel) #13

I babysit…I live in Roswell…Exit 7 on 400. I have references as well. I take all ages. I charge a flat rate for overnight. You can pick them up the next morning. Inbox me.

(Haris_McMan) #14

In box me also. The law says you can only keep 5 kids in your home with out being a registered daycare. Just so folk know. Oh that number includes your own kid. I have experience with special needs and learning disabilities.

(Amanda Halen) #15

There is a daycare in Marietta that was staying open to 1am for years…I have a feeling new management changed hours. It’s an hourly daycare. Both of my kids have gone. Childs Night Out. Check them out

(Maurice Nixon) #16

I also don’t mind being a back up hourly during the week. I live right in West Midtown. I have 16 yr old girl and 8 year old boy. I have an extra bedroom for sleeping.

(Andrew Martin) #17

I am definitely willing to help out with overnight childcare during the summer. I’m a full-time mom and drive Uber full-time but only drive during the day. I’ll be glad to help a few parents out if they need it.

(Kimberly Nelson) #18

I have 4 children and do uber and lyft it’s good to know these rates are here I’m actually blessed my mother in law watches mine for me all the time

(Sharon Green) #19

One in Riverdale on Riverdale Road and one on SR 314 West Fayetteville Road (I think that area is College Park)

(Sue Cooper) #20

I know there are 24 daycare centers already ( they’ve had them for years ) officially AND unofficially

That’s not my point

My point is we need one for US ( UBER AND LYFT ) drivers

Everyone who posted a response stating that they know if 24 hour daycare centers already