Day care center SPECIFICALLY market to drivers?


(Donna Harris) #21

Basically keeping the money in the circle. I’d like to think that we were all here to help each other. At least that’s what I am trying to do.

(Michaela Biksacky) #22

I understand what he’s saying, however, when it comes to this group there are some things I’ve observed. I really wouldn’t mix my personal (aka my child) with it.

(Sheena Washington) #23

My hubby does uber lyft at night I got 4 Kidd myself located north of the perimeter id take a few over night kids I have a 5 br house and extra room

(Brendan Halai) #24

It wasn’t a reply to you specifically, but the post. . .I only trust a select few with my 3yo and the post basically talking about someone creating a daycare, nope, once you find someone good, that you can trust, I stick to it… too many bad stories from friends, bf, even parents, etc watching your children and being negligent. You have to research before putting them in anyone’s care was my point. :blush:
That place wouldn’t be an option, bc that’s way in Douglasville, I’m in Riverdale. It really wasn’t any shade though. :wink:

(William Murphy) #25

I am a experienced child care provider and cleared by Bright from the Start. I don’t drive nights at all. Would love to help. My last trip is always done by 5.