Cubigo Enters the US with Lyft to Help Seniors with Tech

Lyft is expanding its services to cover new concepts. The latest endeavor in their expansion is to collaborate with tech start-up Cubigo, a company that specializes in senior living issues.

Cubigo is a Belgian startup that was founded by CEO, Geert Houben. The platform was designed as a solution for his own grandmother's experiences in a nursing home. What Houben wanted was an app that would help senior citizens retain their independence for as long as possible.

Cubigo is a cloud-based app that is partnered with Apple and has a tech specific service on the iOS platforms, which means all iPhone users get access through their phones.

Houben told the media that "Senior care is a $400 billion industry that remains untouched by the technology we carry in our pockets every day. With our new apps built for iPad and iPhone, we see an opportunity to radically streamline processes at independent- and assisted-living residences, which is a huge relief for staff members. Most importantly, however, Cubigo is easy-to-use technology that gives seniors independence over their daily activities."

Lyft saw the opportunity to expand their services even further by partnering with Cubigo, and Gyre Renwick, VP for Lyft Business told the press that "By partnering with Cubigo to enable a seamless transportation experience for seniors, we're getting one step closer to our mission of improving people's lives with the world's best transportation. The ability to request rides independently can be life-changing, with the added benefit of freeing up time for senior living staff to address other priorities."

Lyfts app will be integrated into the Cubiog platform, which will then give all Cubigo clients access to Lyft rides whenever they need one. Houben added, "So for example, an adult daughter who may be thousands of miles away from her parent, can login to Cubigo and order a Lyft ride. She is no longer dependent upon finding a staff member to help her. This is a huge relief for adult children and so much more efficient."

The Cubigo app is simple, you just register or log on using your iPhone account, and then tap on the CubeTM app. This will open up a plethora of options ranging from ordering meals to requesting maintenance, checking the staff schedule in the nursing home, or scheduling needs in a family calendar when living at home and more, and now a Lyft ride too.

Since Cubigo is partnered with Apple, they can access all the features that iOS offers and can create a one stop shop for senior citizen requirements. It also integrates with senior-citizen homes and facilities software, so that there is an end-to-end service cycle offered to staff and clients.

Lyft expects that this new service will give it an advantage in 2018 expansion across the US, and we are now waiting to see what solution Uber offer up in competition. Take into account that Cubigo has all of Apple behind it, and you can see the massive advantage that Lyft has starting out in 2018.

I guess this will be the first of many such joint ventures. As more and more localized apps start to require transportation systems, so will Lyft and Google join up with more and more sources to customers.

The wonderful IoT and how they all intermesh. From baby driving to old aged driving, the next step will be a police, fire and ambulance gig to replace local law enforcement and support staff. Imagine that, we could end up with a gig economy for soldiers too…hire a Mig and bomb the shit out of your local ISIS chapter.