Crumbs and mayo all over the seat after politely asked Pax not to eat in the car

Tonight’s fuck you bitch moment. Pick up 4 girls, the one requesting ride sits up front with me. One of her friends has a sandwich in her hand as she gets into the rear passenger seat. I politely asked her not to eat in the car. She says no problem. Get to destination and there are crumbs and mayo all over the seat. I tell her thanks for not eating that sandwich in my car! I was going to just clean it up, give a 3 star and be done with it.The bitch starts laughing about it! I scream back that her friend won’t be laughing when she gets the cleaning fee, get out and take pics. $20 cleaning fee! Thanks bitch! I know your friend is going to love you for that!

Unprofessional. Should have just ignored and went on about your cleaning. Never yell back an anyone and stoop to there level.

Well referring to a female as a bitch is your first problem with customer service guess that’s how you think of everyone and she was laughing at your overzealous reaction of a simple accident. Your ridiculous.

When you acknowledge a request and state you will abide by said request, then totally ignore said request and your acknowledgement of said request, then you are indeed a bitch.

And this is why there are so many entitled asshats in the world, things get ignored that shouldn’t be. Chris COULD have handled it a bit better yeah; but by him getting the fee taught the pax to respect (hopefully)

People think im an asshole because i have principles that i stand up for and I realize that respect for people and their personal property is something that should be valued. I will not tolerate some drunk little bitch disrespecting me or my property regardless of where I am or what I am doing.

This generation will never understand respect. I gave up a long time ago. Why bother trying any more. And by the way it’s uber and lyft. It’s nothing but"drunk little bitches"

It is easy to give up and write the whole generation off. I refuse to renege on my values. Cave in and succumb to these losers because you are a weak individual that is afraid to stand up for yourself. That is your choice. I will never sacrifice my principles for anyone, family included. Integrity and honor used to mean something in this world.

When I see someone with any kind of food or drink in their hand trying to get into my vehicle with it, I tell them it has to go into the trunk inside one of the plastic bags I carry to cover it as I do not allow eating or drinking in my car…or perhaps they would like to cancel and request another ride with a driver who does allow eating in their car…

Unprofessional? No. Unprofessional is eating the sandwich AFTER he asked her not to.

Fuck that, I don’t care what type of business you’re in…there is a point where people cross the line. If I ask someone not to eat in my car and they do it anyway, then you’re gonna hear about it . If you want to let people disrespect you, then go right ahead. I try to be polite, but if you’re an asshole, then expect it back … And my rating is 4.95

I don’t let anyone eat in my car either. It’s not a restaurant or a food truck. What did they do before Uber & Lyft? WAITED TILL THEY GOT HOME.

I think it was pretty obvious. No offense but it sounds incredibly stupid to say, I smoke a pack a day but never in my car! Like that’s something to be proud of.

actually every cab I have been in allowrd eating and drinking and smoking. And that’s all we had before uber and lyft you dimwit

cabs are company owned; not personal cars. You’re doing an Apple vs oranges comparison without thinking your knee jerk reaction thru.

I don’t care what you think or say. Useless information. Blocked. I prefer to read more pleasant things instead of diarrhea from someone’s pie hole.

No. This dude will not tolerate blatant wonton disrespect. Pretty simple. Don’t acknowledge my request and then blatantly disregard it!

I would’ve done the same thing lol. He asked her not to, and she did it anyways and left a mess. Maybe some of y’all are too scared to speak up and say something, but some of us aren’t.

You drivers saying I handled this wrong are probably the drivers that take more pax than you have seatbelts for, take children without car seats, take minors, allow open containers, smoking, vaping and drug use in your vehicle!

You don’t have a brain. If you let her eat it anyways, the same mess and payout would of occurred without you getting all worked up and then coming to FB to rant. Your really efficient bro! Your hormones must be all fucked up.