Conversation with my passenger on how many person allow in my car

Last night I pick-up a group of college kids from Santa Monica. When they get into the car, I noticed there are 4 people in the back seat of my Prius and 1 person in the front. This is the conversation:

Me: I’m sorry but we can only have three people in the back seat and one in the front. I recommend you cancel the trip and request a Lyft Plus.

Passenger: are you serious?

Me: Yes I’m serious.

Passenger: but the last Lyft driver allowed us to have 5 people in the car.

Me: well I’m not like the last Lyft driver. Each person in this vehicle has to have a seat belt.

Passenger: is this a policy or something?

Me: yes it is. It’s the law! If you look on your passenger application, you will notice that it says 4 seats for Lyft and 6 seats for Lyft Plus. If I take you right now, and we get into an accident, I will not be covered! I would have to pay out of pocket.

Passenger: what if I just duck down?

Me: again, the most I can fit is four. I recommend you get a Lyft Plus. It’s for YOUR safety.

Hence, two passengers left the car, three stayed including the requesting passenger.

After I dropped them off, I gave the client a 3 star and left a comment for Lyft Support regarding their antics. Lyft sided with me on this one.

Moral: don’t take shit from your passengers. If you take more passengers that your vehicle allows, you will be responsible and insurance may not pay out. Each person MUST have a seatbelt.

I know it’s tempting, especially since it was 2 am and PrimeTime, but I’m not going to risk myself by taking an extra passenger. It’s not worth it! If you do Lyft Plus, max is 6.

great job and i just love when pax ask me can i smoke in your car cause the last driver let me and some tell me that some drivers are playing pokiman go while they have pax with them

Question: do you require all pax to use their seat belts every time? (not asking in a snarky way or anything)

Yes. I usually say “everyone ready to go?” Then you’ll hear all the belts clicking. I have kids so it’s something I do naturally

I usually look back and check if they are strapped. If they’re not then I just ask politely and make a joke about it. People will comply.

I researched, looks like this is one of those things the popo tend to take into their own hands. While they are allowed to ticket the driver, I’d bet money they wouldn’t. And in an accident/court I believe we’d be treated like taxis -exempt from any seatbelt responsibility.

I don’t think so… It clearly states that an operator of the vehicle will not drive unless pax are buckled in… Doesn’t say a person may not ride without a seatbelt… Further, I don’t think you’d be exempt because it specifies a “licensed” taxi on purpose … Just like taxis and limos are exempt from open container, I don’t think you would be as an uberx driver

The reason I don’t think you’d be treated as a taxi or limo is because your car has dual purpose, personal and business… Taxis and limos are all business

I allowed it last night. Same number of ppl. Same exact scenario. Afterward I felt like a total whore. I should have spoken up like you did.

When I first started I did it in my XL. Then it dawned on me the risk I was taking for a few bucks. Not going to risk my family’s money for one night a week

I once had 6 people try to get into my ford fusion, I jokingly told them I couldn’t take that many people unless 2 got I the trunk. 2 of them actually got into the trunk. I was a man of my word and took them across town in 96 degree heat. They kept kicking the back of the seat and hitting the trunk but they stayed in there.

I had almost the exact same scenario play out last night, and I proudly told them I can’t fit five in a Ford Focus…ain’t happening. As it is, four big guys have issues with comfort in my car. Also, the trip in question was only about a mile, or a minimum fare outside of a PT situation. Four went, one stayed back.

I had that happen too…I ended up kicking ALL of them out cause if they want to argue to start with, they have proven they don’t GAF about me, the law, or safety. So GTFO now and I end the trip and follow it up with a call to critical response right then and there.

Kick them all out and cancel, even if 1 or 2 get out and you take the others, they’ll probably 1 star you especially since you 3 starred them.

i don’t understand their thinking. call a fucking SUV.

yeah thankfully my passengers have not argued. and just called 2 seperate cars

I’ve never allowed too many people in my car, and if they argue with me at all, I cancel the ride and kick them all to the curb. I’ve kicked the entire group like this probably 4 or 5 times, I despise cheapskates trying to save money at my expense.

Last time something like this happened I had a guy offer me $40 tip to go a mile with an extra guy. It’s still not worth it. They didn’t understand that an insurance company wouldn’t cover my extra illegal rider

I’ve had this happen several times and I always kick them all out and cancel the trip. THIS is why I never start the trip until I size up the situation, and why I rarely cancel trips so I have wiggle room to cancel trips like this without worrying about my cancellation rate. I once had 4 people try to get in the back seat of my Hyundai Sonata on a pool trip with one other pax already in the front seat. Uh, no. Cancel.

And when I want to cancel for too many pax, I make sure to select “Too Many Riders” as a the reason on the Uber cancellation menu (maybe Uber keeps track of these people?) OR, I make THEM cancel by telling them we’re not going anywhere and they need to cancel before they get charged (its always too late by that time though). If I have to, I will cancel as I said above. Just not doing it.

passengers don’t care about your car, give them the chance and they’ll shit on the dashboard and give you 1 star for not thanking them for it…Too many riders is a particular issue of mine since I have a Prius C hatchback