Completed my first ride

Just completed my 1st ride & boy did I think I was gonna puke… The guy breath I smelled from the passenger seat with him looking str8🤢 You guys DID NOT warn me about this😔

Oh it gets better. Some people just smell like booty don’t feel bad about rollin the windows down on they ass

You forget the rule from uber . They said you need bottles water and mints, so you can give out to your passengers :grin::+1:

Now, bad breath & THC are 2 totally different smells… I cant hardly stand bad breath without my stomach turning but can deal with a lil THC!

There’s also the ones that stink of marijuana, carry fabreeze or something that smells good. THC was so bad on one ride I had to pull over to puke during the ride. That stuff always makes me sick.

Pro Tip: Put mints in car. Have them sit in the back. You want to smell bad breath or not? People will sit behind you… That’s life

It’s the holidays. Students and teachers are taking a break. Business travel is reduced. More people are driving to pay for their holiday. gifts. It’s going to be like this till after the holidays.

Wow! So, I take you dnt perform rideshare anymore? I’m just doing this in my spare time. We’re pretty str8 financial wise! I’ve heard great & bad stories🤷🏾‍♀️

no not even close to making a living at it. Maybe if you put in 12+ hour days there may be a chance. Don’t forget to save about 50% of weekly earning to pay taxes due come April 15th.

And dont answer calls… or messages… riders are supposed to be ready outside for you to pick up not us wait for them…

Accept calls and messages. That’s what the feature is for. If they’re not outside within 5 minutes, there is a cancel button that will pop up and you will be paid 5 dollars. If they’re going far and you like those and they’re gonna be a couple minutes longer, I would wait because the pay is worth it.

When you answer calls…riders feel like they payed limo to call and give instructions… just read messages and if they are nice proceed to reply…

Just remember time is money and uber will not pay for waiting they only pay crappy…cents… so move on next rider that is outside waiting like they supposed to

People always upset over the amount uber keeps but all of them refuse to do something about it. Plenty of other gigs to do and plenty of ways to start your own rideshare platform. But people do not want a challenge, they want everything for free and easy.

Become your own rideshare company all you need is a permit from your state and commercial insurance, just like a taxi. Nothing is stopping people from doing this, except they will have to find their own fares and market themselves and pay for everything themselves, and collect payments. Something rideshare platforms currently do. So you can either accept the cost that rideshare platforms charge or do it all yourself.

I can only hope that Uber follows NYCs lead and implements a driver cap + a guaranteed hourly wage for every major city. Happy drivers = better service/performance = opportunity for higher profit margins for Uber.

Right now it seems like they’re relying on the constant inflow of new drivers and their willingness to deliver for inconsistent & mostly garbage wages, if we’re being honest. Eventually that’s going to lead to a poor standard of overall service, and a negative view from the customers, partnered restaurants & drivers altogether. I mean it’s already happening! Just an opinion

Most people misread the law, it isn’t a guaranteed hourly wage, it is a minimum per mile/time. It doesn’t mean that if you get zero rides that hour they have to pay you. You still have to complete rides given, it is just off the current data with rides per hour.

It’s a liability issue. Slam the breaks and then they start choking. They will try anything to get us in trouble, terminated, and/or also could sue us! Yes it sounds silly but it can happen.

I picked this couple up from the club, dude was eating out his girl in my backseat.I was watching the road and heard a moaning noise, ol girl heels :high_heel: were on my roof.

I immediately pulled over.

Uber will pay a cleaning fee on a sliding scale depending on severity, take pictures. I read this on another post.