Common tactic of cheap riders

Is it a common tactic for cheap riders to cancel a surge request ride within a mile of driving and blame Uber?

A rider with a 2.0x surge charge canceled the ride within a mile of driving. First red flag was that he did not have a destination point set up when I started the trip. Second red flag was that he immediately asked me to drive towards the freeway, which was only 2-3 minutes away – my understanding is that you can’t abandon people or animals on state freeways. Third red flag was that he rejected my offer to add the destination from my end. He reassured me that he’d do it on the app – this let me know that he did know how to enter the address, but he chose not to the first time.

He canceled about a block away from the freeway, so I pulled over. He said he’ll send another request. He then blamed Uber for the cancelation. “Don’t you just hate how Uber acts up sometimes?” Yeah…sure, buddy. That’s never happened before. What should have been about a $16-$19 ride ended up being $8.

My market (Bakersfield, Ca.) is already tough as it is, since the demand for drivers are pretty low, and we rarely have surge pricing that high. I only accepted the ride because of the surge charge; otherwise, I was already returning home. (I was literally a few blocks away prior to the request.) Simple solution: Wait 5 minutes until the surge dies out. I ended up at the far end of town. As cheap as he was, I’m surprised he lived in a gated community, massive home with a two car garage with luxury cars inside of them.

First time this happened. What do you think and what would you have done?

PS: I reported him to Uber, which means that nothing will be done about it.

Pull over and have them restart the trip and then report it to Uber. Not supposed to have people riding in your car unless the app is running

Don’t reward this behavior. Kick them out immediately.

  1. Don’t move the car until the destination is in the app

  2. Upon the Rider cancelling, pull over to a safe location and tell Rider to GTFO or put in another request.

  3. I thought a destination is required for a ride and we are unable to change the destination anymore.

That’s unusual I have never picked up somebody did not have the destination when I started the trip

… How did they not have a destination…

It’s not required… Have you never taken an uber ride?

Uber is retarded to allow riders to ever cancel rides once the trips have started!

That happened to me 3 times, the 1st time was at a 4x surge they took Mr out of the surge and asked me to stop at a 711 then they ended the trip while I waited the call came in and we continued to the house. Is total was 37 miles this was LA. The 2nd and 3rd time I left them were I stopped and drove away. Then I go back into the surge areas.

I would have just pulled over to a gas station and told him he would have to grab another uber. If it was surging then it should still been going on in just a few minutes it took to drive to where you were, so drop him off and go back and grab a good ride.

It’s unusual for a surge to last that long here. By doing that, the guy ruined my chance for another surge request. My market is pretty lame like that.

It’s an old scam by idiot riders thinking they’ll get a free ride

If they don’t have a destination…I’d sit there til one was entered with the clock running. If they didn’t like that…they are free to get out. How can you be expected to drive anywhere without one? Also, the fare is based on pickup and destination…should have never got a driver

Entering a destination is rather new. One is not required for a ride. You can also enter one but now don’t make a stop without it if you want to be paid wait time

I agree I don’t move until they put the destination in through their phone through the app

If do not add when get in I do not put in drive and they can cancel right then so I would get the min fare or cancel fee at least.

If you pick up a surge ride and cancels out of surge. Do not pull over and reping!!! Dashcam saves you uber will adjust fare and you still have insurance. This is a known scam for a long time.

Maybe with a dash cam I had it happen and the rider said they never took a trip at all and support wouldn’t do anything. Mention it to an Uber expert at a VIP meeting and she fixed it. Support had said that the trip didn’t end where the original request was was so they actually refunded the fee at the cancellation point.

They shouldnt be able to cancel once youve accepted thier ride i call bull shit on uber

I would’ve cancelled him and said sorry my phone is dead. Don’t ya just hate iPhone. Get out!