Check your trip history for missing No-Show cancellations


(Brahim Decker) #41

I contacted them too and still have not received my fee for three different cancellations on Friday night!
I am now thaking a SCREENSHOT of every ride!
Bs that we have to go through this!

(Cody Parker) #42

I decided this weekend I wil drive no more. The only people here making money is Uber and Lyft, and theyre fucking raking in the dollars!. In order to make good money, you have to put so many miles on your vehicle, the depreciation is way more than any amount of money you can make…Fuck this shit…im out.

(Marsha_Smith) #43

Thanks for reaching out.

Our team is aware of this issue. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and we appreciate your patience as we work to resolve it as quickly as we can.

(Chris Stipe) #44

We need a lawyer who is willing to fight for us. Im sick of worrying about how much Uber is ripping me off!.

(Rakesh Sharma) #45

I had one Saturday, reported Sunday. (BTW, their system was in “processing” mode right after that call and for the next few hours, until the next morning.) When I got my reply today, I sent them the only info I had: date, time, location, and snaps of the text and call I attempted (direct to vmail). I told them a lot of people were unhappy with these missed fees.

(Abdul Karim) #46

I gave them the times of the trip before and the trip after for an idea when it happened, and what I got back is that reviewing the fares on those 2 trips. This should be interesting.