Check your trip history for missing No-Show cancellations


(Maurice Nixon) #21

I noticed this, too. I had a no-show at SFO on Friday, and still not showing.

(Andrew Martin) #22

They should not be allowed to give you a cancellation fee as a bonus. That changes their accounting on how much they can claim for having paid out in Bonus’s…

(Kimberly Nelson) #23

I’ve had three since last Thursday night. I’m still trying to get paid. Thankfully I took screenshots before I canceled.

(Sharon Green) #24

I had one last night and I emailed them asap. I cut off my Uber app and drove Lyft the rest of the night

(Sue Cooper) #25

I had a cancellation last night as well and they emailed me that that are aware of the glitch

(Donna Harris) #26

2nd time in less than a week uber has robbed me of money. You would think with the billions they are making off of us someone would get the app working right

(Michaela Biksacky) #27

Thank you so much for this community! I had one as well during a surge last night. Poof gone! Emailing

(Sheena Washington) #28

If pax cancels within 5min you won’t see anything but yes keep an eye out. Happened to me before

(Brendan Halai) #29

Boycott them for an entire weekend and see how they like not making money. Let agree to a date and hit them where it counts, in the check book

(William Murphy) #30

Yes. I’m at 6 no shows for the week and still have yet to receive one fee payment. I complained and they said please give name date at ride number. But it doesn’t show up on my trip history. What do I do. I they won’t even pay me. I showed them a screenshot and it was not enough. I can show the B’s robot support messages. What do I do.

(Graham Sandy) #31

But the trips are no where to be found. Unless I’m stupid of they are stealing. I know I waited 5 mins and called. This is robbery.

(Mathew Boolean) #32

I’m on the edge of getting a lawsuit if enough drivers report messing payment

(Trish Richardson) #33

They are hoping drivers won’t complain about 5$ here and there. But that shit adds up with over a million drivers

(Lance Rodriguez) #34

They responded that they are aware and are in the process of fixing it. We’ll see…refunded mine

(Melinda Foster) #35

Not mine and unfortunately I had 6 no shows this week. Noting yet and I have had 10 support messages

(Bector Ernest) #36

They should just pay the driver. I have complained on several occasions. The last time I was told that they would no longer pay for cancellations and they were doing me a favor this this time.

(Kelly Hector) #37

Well exactly Uber acts they are doing us favors. It’s not just this problem. they clearly only care about themselves. They hire so many drivers that to make the same money we used to you need to work 2 times as much or really plan your day. Idk about other cites but here in Denver between 12-3am every 3rd or 4th car is Uber or Lyft. I have had to wait over 30min for rides in downtown before

(Jack Dolen) #38

Uber does this a lot though. They also adjust trips to zero and keep the money unless you dispute it.

(Lisa Markee) #39

We should just be paid for no show and cancellations and not have to argue for it.

(Christian Odom) #40

So I contacted Uber on Saturday Night and them to fix this issue with no show fees… They finally replied back today that they wanted me to send them the Name, Date, Time, Pickup Location of each occurrence. They made no mention that this is a global problem…