Check your trip history for missing No-Show cancellations

Uber is collecting the cancellation fees and not paying drivers as of last night. It won’t even’t show up in your Trip History! They’ll only pay out drivers who notice and complain meaning this “temporary glitch” just earned them millions of dollars. Why can’t they have a glitch where I earn millions of dollars? Who holds Uber accountable?

They wouldn’t even answer me on what happened just kept saying we credited your account

Uber controls their own accountability, much like foxes guarding the hen house or chicken producers running the dept of agriculture. Its the new world order.

Lyft did the same to me this am and now we are going back and forth.

Yep, I noticed one. Thought it might show up later as has also happened. Reporting now.

I came home about 3:30 this morning and my cancellations were not showing nor was the last trip I took. I just went to Instant Pay and my money was showing there.

This happening to mE and they are not responding to my emails, is anyone working on us a class action lawsuit or can we get on the one that’s been on the news?

Happened to me on Thursday and after 20 emails I still don’t have fee or history of request

There has to be a better way than class action lawsuits everytime Uber fucks up… Government needs an agency that can regulate TNCs

:rofl:, like that’s gonna happen now! FYI. Watch your instant pays too. They are double charging the $.50 on a regular basis.

I actually had a fare last night. Drove yo house from a decent distance pax got in to go to air port then app said pax canceled. Another driver was sent pax got out and in his car abd i then got a uber pool

Funny that crap has been happening to me the last few days… Smfh

Take screenshots of the waybill before you cancel the ride, this will help in proving the ride exsisited until the “glitch” is fixed.

I took screen shots of my texts them but didn’t think about the way I’ll. Great idea for next time!

Probably because they just lost a lawsuit and have to pay $20 million out to drivers for misleading us and not paying us

I thought I was tripping balls!!! I had 3 of them last night. But I know I was sent to a certain location since the info gets stored in my maps history. I emailed them and haven’t heard anything back regarding this.

Fortunately I sent a text to the pax that included the address I was waiting at to confirm, so at least I had that Screenshotting waybills from now on!

Anyone, figure this out yet? We need a lawyer. Im sick of this evil company steeling my money. I have been back qnd forth with thwm since Friday night and now they say they only seevone and to send them the time, riders name. WTF?

I had a glitch work in my favor uber paid me my 2 incentives in one week. So I practically made 700 Bucks more than what I was suppos to get. But that’s only one time

I cursed them TF out the another night! They kept saying what trip? What is the info? I finally said 'its not fucking rocket science I said its the trip before my last fucking trip of the night. Stop playing with my right now. I don’t have time for this shit! You guys did not give me my damn cancellation fee! Don’t ask me another fucking question. Add it to my account! " Next email they gave me $5 no fee taken out. Thanks bastards! :unamused: