Challenge to post funny/cool or inspirational stories

I see so much negativity in this group. The irony is, I hear so frequently from my pax that one of the reasons they like Uber is because the drivers are nicer than cabbies. You wouldnt know it from the way people talk here, though! Here’s a challenge: how about we all start posting funny/cool/inspirational stories of pax and trips we’ve taken? I’ve made some great connections, been inspired by and given inspiration to lots of passengers. Let’s be an encouragement to each other, lighten the mood of our fellow drivers, instead of pouring gas on the flames of anger and hate.

Less than 5 posts in and the point of the post has gone unheeded.

POSITIVE! Stop trying to be an argument.

I’ll post a positive comment. I picked up a pax who just got done talking with her friend who recently came out. His parents would not accept him and she had been on the phone for a hour crying. I tried to lighten the mood and before another one of her friends could come out she was in a way better mood and said i made her night.

Quality of drivers going down hill big time. I don’t want to speculate but they seem like former cab drivers but maybe I am wrong because you think they would know the city better if they used to drive a cab.

Law of attraction, if you have a negative attitude you’ll have a bad experience. I can honestly say that I have yet to have a bad/negative pax.

This is true. I’ve only had one but he was drunk and didn’t really know what to say. He didn’t really offend me (although it was offensive enough for his friend to check him for new) cause I’m kinda weird and actually found it funny. But I’m optimistic, which is why I most likely haven’t had any bad experiences (yet)…

I use Uber/Lyft as my social outlet. I was hurt in a car accident, trashed my back, I can’t hold a regular 9-5 job. So I’m doing contract work from home and miss seeing and interacting with people. Thats why I love ride share!! And in 3 months, I really haven’t had any bad experiences. So it works for me and I get a little extra $$ too! It’s all good.

I have a super positive attitude. However when I see a driver looking at his phone in his lap then using gps and I still have to give him directions, all the positive thinking in the world can’t fix that.

The point of the Breakroom is for drivers to have a place to talk with fellow drivers about whatever they want. Unfortunately the issues uber and Lyft has caused many drivers is a more heated issue than the 1 passenger in the last week who was nice.

“Do something good and they might tell 10 people
Do something wrong and 100 people will hear about it”

Folks, I’m not saying nobody should ever complain. Sometimes it’s good to know what bad things can happen so others won’t fall victim to it. I’m just saying, alongside the complaints, we should also post good stories too. There is room for both!

Negativity is in all groups because that is what we deal with. This is the time & place to have fun and vent. And idk about you, my pax love to hear about dbag pax i encounter.

Just stuff all the negativity down into your subconscious where it can fester as a mental illness, and your heart explodes at age 42.

In the meantime, let’s stay positive.

I just hate seeing how mean or negative people get towards new drivers, one another or if someone asks a question. It’s not like Uber comes with training or explains itself very well. I joined this group to find tips and tricks to help my mom Uber and there is just so much rudeness. I don’t mind the complaining, but the rudeness towards one another could surely go…

I totally agree! There are a lot of trolls in this group, it’s really out of control.

Oh, hah! Thanks for the clarification. The trolling is in nearly every comment thread on any given post. People will post asking questions and others respond with insults. Look at the post with the guy complaining about not being tipped for returning lost items… some of the things people say really shock me!

I just went and tried to tag you in a couple places, it wont let me tag you unless you’ve already posted in the comment thread. Great, I hope that some of the outright negative and insulting stuff will stop. I’m beginning to think I should just leave the group, it’s been so discouraging to see people behave the way they do here.

We really don’t want that, but I’ve felt that way as well. We want the group to be a place that people can vent, discuss, and chat - trolling and attacking/hateful comments are not welcome.

Most of pax are pretty nice and friendly. What I have problem with is Uber, for some reason they started posting fares to my earnings bellow the minimum rate of 5.15. When I point it out to them, they go ahead and charge the customer more money for the ride. My point is, what they estimate the ride to their customers is none of my concern, but pay me what you say you gonna pay me. But apparently I have to cover the cost of their discounted rates, I don’t like it. And I don’t like it that they charge the customer the rest of the money. Don’t know what to do…

here is a nice story for you, it happened just yesterday.
I was at the Jenny lot, FINALLY got a ping after an hour of the que reading 1-10 minutes, then was disappointed to see that it was not an LAX pickup, it was the Marriott outside the hotel.
Aw, what the hell. it might be another hour before I get the next one, I’ll go grab it and come back.
I get to the Marriott, the couple is waiting outside for me, and they get in my car chatting excitedly. I start the ride, the address reads simply “Manhattan Beach”. No address, no business name, just “Manhattan Beach”.
I learn that they are from Alabama and this was not only their first time in California, it was their first day. They had just finished checking into their room and ran out for an Uber. She asked a few times “Are we close?” “Is this the right way?” “How much longer?” while her hubby kept reassuring her that we’d get there, the driver knows the way, it’ll be there when we arrive.
The GPS tells me that we are now 1/3 mile away so I ask “Are we headed for a house, or a business?” just as the water comes in sight. She points a quivering finger “No, that’s where we’re going. We’re going to walk barefoot in the surf on a beach for the first time in our lives!!!”
Couldn’t help but :slight_smile: I dropped them off at the edge of the sand, she was running towards the water as he was still getting out and shaking my hand with a $5 bill tucked in it and saying thanks. I wanted to sit and watch for a few, but a ping came in, so I left them to their fantasy fulfillment.
How’s that for positive?

hanks. Have you thought about starting a positive experiences group? There are so many groups for people to vent in, how about one solely for good times, all trolls get bounced out?