Cancellation scam

Took a sat off and went out for the first time in months. tried to order a lyft home and the shitbag got to the bottom of my street and called me “i’m sorry but there is a problem with the system, i need you to cancel the ride” me:“what do you mean? there is no problem, the app would let me know” “No its ok just cancel the ride” “No, and go fuck yourself, you are trying to scam me, i know i will be charged a cancellation fee if i do” “no, no cancellation fee, i promise” “Well i promise i’m reporting you, you piece of shit, fuck off”

Fuck you carlos, try to play me, shithead

Why a real piece of work driver was obviously a scumbag scammer…I would have said/done the same thing

You said “obviously”. Do you know the definition of obviously?
It’s not obvious to me!
How do you conjure up the word obvious without any facts?
All we have is a incoherent rant, from a very emotional man.
No, I obviously don’t agree with your use of the word obviously! :roll_eyes:

We did have a problem with the Lyft app tonight about 2 hours ago here in NC. My passenger call and ask how far away I was. Her app said I was 68 minutes away when I was 6 minutes. But your right the driver was playing a game. Report him for showing you a weapon. They will ban him no question asked.

I had an app issue last night, when I got up paying for a pick up that was only about five minutes away. When I got there, check wasn’t there, because the Lyft driver that had been originally assigned to her head apparently picked her up anyway, even though the ride have been reassigned to me. This girl told me when I called her to see if she was at the pick up spot that he had called her while on his way to her to tell her that he was completing an Uber ride to the airport, asking her if she minded waiting a little longer. WTF is that? That’s not how this works, and that driver is a shithead for making passengers wait so he can game the system, and for making me waste my time and therefore my money. Not cool.

This is what happens when they let just any Tom Did Dick or Harry drive for them. I’m in the Boston market and we don’t have it yet but new York has a ride share company that only accepts drivers that have a 4.87+ Uber and Lyft rating, pays them more and holds them to a higher standard. I can’t wait till they come to my market

Y do these drivers want a cancellation fee instead of giving a ride? What the heck did they sign up for?

I had one yesterday when my system went down cancel I got the fee but I refunded cause it was my fault

would’ve got the $5 regardless if it wasn’t a share ride. Instead @2 am u requested a “share”, glad the other dude canceled out on you.

What are you talking about? It was a 3.7 mile, 8 minute ride, me would have made only 4.50 on a regular Lyft and I would have paid the same amount before tip. Instead of me paying 11 just for the ride, I paid 6 for the shared ride and tipped him 5

“-5$ shares discount “ if u didn’t request a share his Ride would’ve been $11 either way. U request a share ride and paid him back what he would’ve of made, it’s 2am and ur a driver requesting a share ride … don’t be cheap like that @2am when the rider could be doing something better

I was all with you until I saw that you requested a shared ride. Yeah, what the other driver did was wrong, but as a driver yourself how do you justify requesting a shared ride when all drivers hate taking them?

Shared ride or not, he’s paying. And the driver still receives the full fare. Y’all need to stop knocking ppl for everything.

Who the hell cares if it’s a shared ride? It’s not ripping somebody off. It’s just a feature.

You requested a shared ride at 2am for a 2 1/2 mile trip. You’re a cheapskate and a jerk. The only reason you tipped the second dude was because you wanted to look like a good guy on Facebook. And before you say the trip was over 3 miles, that’s because the second driver missed the exit and had to double back.

Or instead of paying 11 for the regular Lyft I paid 6 and tipped him 5. Making sure more money went in his pocket than Lyft

You’re a very generous person. Do you always tip 83%? Wish I had that kind of money. :rofl:

So even though you know you are getting screwed over you accept 1/3 of your ride request as shared rides? Seriously?

I’m with Vic on this one. If I go to Waffle House and the bill is $5.43, I tip $4.57, making it $10.00. If the bill is 11.26, $8.74 is the tip making it $20.00.
If the bill is 67.35, the tip is $22.65 making it $90.00 total.
If you aren’t tipping you’re ripping people off!
I tip $5 on every ride share I take.

Yeah, I bang out 20 quick rides in 1.5 hours and I get about 100 from it, then Lyft gives me 110 to meet there 220 guarantee