Cancellation scam

:rofl: You’re a bullshitter also Louis Cheek. Those amounts you put up are 84%, 79%, 33% tips. So the more you spend and make the other person work the less you leave. On that $67.35 bill why didn’t you leave a $100? Oh wait it’s because you’re a liar and you don’t understand basic math or tipping. Not tipping someone isn’t ripping someone off, I appreciate the tips that are given to me, but I don’t expect them.

Where are you ? I’ll take you out to eat.
Oh did I mention that I bought a Waffle House waitress a Samsung S9+ and added her to my family plan?
God gives me what I have and trusts me to give away everything I don’t need.

Guys and the need to puff out their chests. First off Vic you can’t do 20 shared rides in 1.5 hrs, yours alone took 9 minutes and that’s not including the at least 3 minutes it took for the driver to get to you. It takes at least 6.33 hrs to do that many rides but nice try. Louis, I’ll give you a pass on your story because you are old. I feel like if we went to this Waffle House we would find out that this waitress is actually your granddaughter and that’s why you put her on your family plan. If you really give away what you don’t need I’ll gladly give you my PayPal username so that you can give me money, my electric bill is $300 this month. That’s a lot cheaper then a phone and a monthly plan.

That’s true, however that has nothing to do with getting potentially ripped off by a service you are paying for.

Ooo, you got the wrong one…your second sentence belongs to you boo. You claim that for yourself.

Tell me…how long have you been a driver?

Why are drivers so afraid to cancel rides? You can cancel up to 40% without any problem. Just cancel the ride. Don’t bother the passengers.

But for what reasons? Aren’t we logged on to accept rides to make money? Canceling up to 40% if offered rides seems awfully counterproductive.

I had to Cancel 2 rides last night. 1 was on the customer and one was on me. But I still got rides the rest of the night. Just cancel the ride people. It’s not going to kill you and stop treating riders as aholes. I have been driving 2 1/2 years now and have never kicked anyone out of my car. I am a professional as customer service and de-escalating matters that have nothing to do with me. Figure it out or start reading self help books lol