Can I go in the airport parking where cabs set up?

So I’m practically new to lyft. I’m a teacher and wants to drive a little over the summer. What’s the best way or best places to post up? I was thinking about the airport but is there something special I need to do to lyft from the airport? Where do I set up?

Google raa lot that’s where u need to post up at and when you get ping you’ll have to go to the rideshare pick-up area… which is through the economy parking lot

I would like to thank you for giving good advice and tips. I’m new to ride sharing also, I come to this site to learn how others are making it work but, reading some of the comments leaves me smh…a few are nice and helpful but, omg some of them are ruthless…makes you wonder why they are doing this in the first place. However even with the rudeness it gives you an example of what not to do… thanks again

Decal for window is the law for driving anywhere but a lot of drivers don’t like it. Your call.
Hang tag for airport is a must, you’ll get a ticket without it.
Lot is 1586 Sullivan Road.

No magic place to post up. Just turn on your app and go. You’ll figure out what works for you.

I have been driving since august 2016 and I learned all this shit on my own. Not gonna lie I get a lil salty seeing ppl just ask where to go. Like no you go learn ya self. I’m all about being helpful but this is legit my first reaction to these new member posts.

You’ve got to pick your battles wisely. Even though she didn’t want to, she still have you very basic, yet helpful information. If you just show up to the airport without the proper decals and hangtag, you leave the airport with no passenger and a ticket. Lastly, to remain in this group, you will need to develop thick skin and know when to move past posts and/or comments you don’t like.

Haha not bitter. I said I didn’t know about this group and figured it out. But I also learned pretty quick with uber when and where to be on my own.

Its pretty easy to learn the ins and outs. Turn the app on check where its always surging easy enough.

100% agree. I put 10,000 miles on my car the first month I started. I learned where to go i didn’t ask anyone.

I understand that concept very well, Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he’ll eat forever. But I don’t see much teaching going on here.

I’m new too, and I joined to learn but reading these comments makes me leery about asking questions so I just read but why are people so mean on here, do they not think it’s enough for all of us…

Actually this is pretty mild. I just said I am salty and felt you should try learning on your own. However, you can see further down where males in this group try picking on my looks which isnt the first time and idc to be clear. You should see how it is when people ask about moving here, what PAX means, what RAA is and any other basic question or what the symbols are on the map. Be ready for some rude answers. My first week in I said I thought the purpose was to help each other. I quickly learned its not. You can get some nice people here and there but its usually just a group of people hating, bitching, and sharing puke and earning photos.

It’s banding together to have knowledge and some power. This group works for the selfish also. The hub and Uber support can give you “getting started” Uber info. Here you learn things they don’t tell you starting up. Like the importance of airport hang tags, that decals don’t matter, the profits of puke, the profits from cancelling ASAP. If answering your question harms us, we are not going to answer it. Asking when and where to drive, encouraging you to do rideshare. Those things cause us harm. You doing rideshare this summer, means we get less $$$ this summer. So don’t expect cheers. Summer is already slow, you made a post saying you are going to hop in and make it even slower. We are not enthused.

It may come off as rude but please understand that this question gets asked all the time and people aren’t typically going to sit and spell it out over and over. Sometimes a few will throw you a bone, but as with anything, the leg work is largely on you. Spend time reading, searching, educating yourself, and you will learn a ton. It’s all out there, just in chunks here and there…not in one list of instructions. And yeah, sometimes it’s petty here but in general it’s more of a friend/sibling good natured teasing and not downright mean. I’ve also seen incredible acts of kindness from these same people. Like a big dysfunctional family. Participate as much or as little as you want, but you’ll only get out of something what you’re willing to put into it.

Its not rude to say that you feel like someone should lear. On their own. And people always comment “we full”. This is the norm outta this group. I can tell you all day long things to be successful but telling you exactly where to be isn’t one. We are each others competition. It is harder to make money with lyft in my opinion but uber surges are almost always in the same place so turning the app on and looking at the same times should suffice to learn.

Please go into the files tab and read the FAQs for the group. It will answer a lot of questions for you. Drivers generally do not like the “where should I go to wait for rides?” question because it takes a bit of time and study to develop a solid money making strategy. The strategies are very personal based dozens of factors so people don’t like to reveal their secrets. It’s kind of like asking a salesman for all his/her contacts so you can try to get his/her sales.

I doesn’t affect me, my job does unlimited OT in summer , so I don’t really drive summer anyway…she can have my spot…

Careful with saying things like “it’s not that serious.”

People that drive full time hear that coming from a part timer that contributes to the summer slow down won’t be read well.

That’s my bit of new person advice.

The block button is your friend in here, however, don’t block any Admins. That’s asking to be deleted from the group.

If you wanna block me I DO NOT CARE. lol. But if you do it over that you gonna be having one massive ass block list cuz almost no one in here is nice. We are alllllllll petty af.

Yea most experienced drivers hate it when the new drivers ask for good spots. We can be friends and all but if I tell you where I’m making my money and you start showing up you’ll take that money from me.