Bronx Cab Driver Shot 7 Times in Robbery

26-year-old Bronx cabbie Jeffrey Cisnero Camacho was shot seven times by a robber after he picked him up at noon from the corner of Boston Road and Fish Avenue in Williamsbridge and drove him to Morrison Avenue near East 172nd Street in Soundview. When they reached the destination, the passenger shot Cisnero seven times, and bullets pierced his abdomen and leg.

The young Dominican Republic immigrant father of three has been held up before, but this time his luck was not as good, and he is now fighting for his life in Jacobi Medical Center.

The robber only took Cisnero's wallet which held about $23 in cash.

New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers head Fernando Mateo has offered a $1,000 prize for any information that will lead to the apprehension of the attacker.

The Bronx street where a cab driver was shot seven times. :arrow_down:

This is terrible. I had a request from a high school the other night. Honestly these days sometimes you can’t tell if they are 18 or not plus most of them have their debit/credit card. However it was two young ladies, dark of night and as a sister and auntie, I was not about to just leave them there. So I didn’t ask their ages, and they were well behaved. Not sure how we can approach this from a sensible angle if they need a safe ride and Uber has accepted their method of payment. Let’s talk about it Uber, and I’m not sure about Lyft, doesn’t even ask the rider their age when they sign up, at least that I can remember when I did and are we supposed just to leave them in the middle of nowhere?

On the safety side, I have a removable rideshare safety partition in my vehicle that I like, and my riders enjoy as well. It helps when I’m driving at night and have to go into neighborhoods I’m not familiar with, or that are just plain unsafe here in Chicago.

The issue with car crimes is not solvable. Car related robberies will continue to occur since they are not pre-meditated by long term decisions, they are usually on the spur of the moment decisions when a person is in need and wants an immediate hit. In this case, the criminal will either target a 7/11, an innocent bystander or now the latest targets, the Uber drivers. WHY? Because everyone knows that Uber and Lyft don’t allow their drivers to carry weapons!!! Without a known deterrent, Uber and Lyft drivers become easy prey.