Black Girls Code Gets a Lyft of $4 Million

Several months ago, a non-profit organization that specializes in strengthening the education of young black women by introducing them to the world of software programming turned down a grant of $250,000 from Uber. The reason being that they did not believe that Uber seriously wanted to invest in a national endeavor to strengthen the young women's place in society. They believe that Uber was only seeking a way to improve their PR status which was pretty low at the time of the grant offering.

Now, several months later, Black Girl Code has accepted a Lyft gift, where Lyft drivers have come together and donated a total of $4 million to this cause. The Lyft donation is part of a united Lyft effort, where the company does not just dish out money from their own sources. Lyft partners with its drivers and creates a large charity fund, funded by drivers and Lyft together. The proceeds are then distributed to a number of charities. This initiative is called "Round Up and Donate Partners."

Among the many charities that this concerted effort has donated to include SickKids Foundation, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the Human Rights Campaign, Girls Who Code, Habitat for Humanity, ACLU Foundation and now Black Girl Code.

Tariq Meyers, Lyft's head of diversity and inclusion said "In reflecting on the progress we've made here at Lyft, and the work still left to be done, investing in the development of our next generation of leaders and innovators in our path forward to ushering in the diverse future we seek. Our partnership with Black Girls CODE represents our long-term commitment to inclusivity with an organization which for years has done the important work of affirming and empowering young girls of color with a passion for innovation in technology."

Kimberly Bryant, Founder of Black Girls Code, stated that "Black Girls Code is a values-driven organization. We look very closely at prospective partners with that in mind and pay special attention to those that believe in the power of community to affect change. Through the work they've done over the years, we know Lyft embodies these same attributes, and they share in our mission of coming together to provide young girls of color with the skills they need to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow."

A very good cause and a very good way of helping young Americans grow strong. Any endeavor that invests in the youth of our times is an endeavor worth helping.

I was involved in a local charity that received a Lyft incentive through the City manager. It was a wonderful experience driving young adults late at night from the University as well as from social engagements (Not drinking bars).