Being available for X hours = / = driving X hours

Mf be out here doing a 1000 rides driving for 1.6 million hrs :joy::joy::joy: Like do u have a #LIFEoutside of rideshare or nah!!??:unamused::unamused: I’m not frowning upon anyone I’m just saying mf be extra and be wanting u to get out there and do the same thing they doing it don’t work like that fam

Hell naw they don’t. I can’t do that. It’s too much on me and on the car and I do have a momma to care for and my son in SC that just graduated from college I have to see about him too lol

hold up he will it’s not that easy unless you have a career already in line or you receive the letter from another school. Watch it son

Actually, people do the same thing on their jobs…they have less of a life because at least you have the option to work or not, when you work for someone, you’re on their schedule…plus, if you go hard for 3 weeks, you can take a week off every month…but to some, it gets addictive…it was like that for me for a while

So you frown upon folks out here getting it and working because they choose to, but you be on here with your ridiculous posts? Including this one?

What kind of life is a broke life? People know what they need, and they get it…#getmoney

To some people, having a life consists of ensuring that their family has a safe place to lay their heads at night and food ready to eat whenever they are hungry. Just because it’s not what you’re after in your current stage in life, doesnt mean someone else is wrong g for doing what they gotta do.

Hey it’s the grind … in life you have to do what others aren’t willing to to achieve more than anyone imagined…

If I have something to do on the weekend, I do it, but I don’t stay at home and not make this money just because its the weekend…get the pay now, play later

Also we don’t know how long this hustle will be available to us, so we get all that we can till the driverless cars take us out😢

Maybe they paying off bills, stacking they money, only one working in their family, or just want to trick off next weekend …

who cares… they not bumming. … shrugs

Somebody that’s clearing $1,000 a week regular could stay with a friend or something reduce their expenses and then after about 22 weeks go drop 15k-20k on a new house as a major down payment… and if they really smart they buy a duplex instead of a single family home… then they good keep grinding and after it’s all over have a additional revenue stream… and you can party and hangout anytime

To some…in order to have a life in this material world, they must have $$…and if they taken care of other lives too then they need lots of it! #sacrifices

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: car wont be worth a damn after a year… I just bought my car two years ago and i was about to cross the 100,000 mile threshold… had to quit and go back to working. I felt like an uber lyft slave. Couldnt really dictate when i wanted to work. They psychologically dictate that by offering you more money at certain times of day as opposed to others…

Freedom…freedom…If you got your car specifically for making money, who cares about miles? I don’t worry about how many miles I put on my carpet cleaning van, no difference for your rideshare car…I understand how some people think, but I think its just another business expense…wouldn’t change my freedom for nothing

its really no freedom… its mind control… i found myself putting in 40+ hours a week… my whole purpose was to avoid a fulltime job and it silently became one without the guaranteed money… it didnt work for me. If it works for you congrats :hugs::hugs::hugs:

The Young Jamaican guy that owns the Edible Arrangements store, I delivered for Mother’s Day has Freedom!! Plus, I heard he owns other businesses!! To me… that is a BOSS. Not trying to knock my Uber drivers. Plus, he does not have to worry about his store shutting down when a customer complains or LIE. *** Freedom****

Where is this post did I say anybody was wrong??? I said I’m not bout to do it!!! And mf on this pg be pressuring u like go out here and do it y’all not working right! U not working that many hrs! Ppl have full time jobs kids a LIFE and don’t have 1.6 million hrs to be driving others around!!Y’all asses just sensitive as hell Damn

Cause it’s like seeing a guy make it into a professional baseball team and you’re saying “but all he does is play baseball, he has no life.” You are putting down people doing well by saying “they must have no life”. People do this in MMO games also. The top players have “no life”. It’s jealousy and it’s ugly. It also celebrates laziness and is an excuse to be poor and go “oh, whoa is me and my bills” despite having a job where you create your own income. People who do that shouldn’t complain about not having enough money or that others have more. Work 100 hours a week like most wealthy people do, then you can complain about the rich… but if you did that, you’d be one of em!

Smgdh. Because this woman said about people must don’t have a life so her opinion is shity Have your opinion been shitty to someone Everybody has an opinion but when someone get mad it’s hilarious to me. Don’t get mad at how this woman feel