Backseat covered in dog hair

Had a pax today with a dog get in my car, guy didn’t speak any English so I couldn’t ask him if it was a service dog. I took them both to the destination and when they get out I notice my entire backseat is covered in dog hair and I have bad allergies already. I email uber and they said that I can’t do anything I just have to deal with it basically.

Service dogs are trained to sit on the floor, not in a seat. This wasn’t a service dog.

Did you submit for a cleaning fee or call and talk with somebody on the help line? I would take pictures and submit for a cleaning fee, see if that gets through. Just a thought.

next time, just use google translate in the google search and translate to pax that dog has to sit on the floor

You are allowed to ask if it’s a service dog and you are allowed to ask what it’s been trained to do. That’s it.

Ive worked in a public agency for many years. I am well trained on the ADA. You most certainly CAN ask if it’s a service dog. You have provided the proper confirmation. “Obvious” is the key word.

It literally says in there that you can ask if it’s a service dog :joy::joy:

I know, I was doing the same thing and didn’t get it done as quickly as you.

asking if the dog is a service dog and is the the dog a service animal required because of a disability are two different questions

I actually felt I had to look at his photo to decide if he should be transporting passengers…

You can ask if it’s a service dog that is required because of a disability? Of course not of that matters because chances are whether it’s a service dog or not, they’re gonna say yes and your gonna have to take the dog, they don’t have to prove it

And you can ask what it ia trained to do. And if its not trained to do anything, it is not a service animal. It is an emotional support animal, and that is not the same thing.

point is it really doesn’t matter what you can and can’t ask them, if the rider had a dog and you refuse the ride, and they complain to uber, I can guarantee you’ll be deactivated, no questions asked, plus anyone taking their dog in a uber probably knows exactly how to answer theses questions

it’s ok to admit you were wrong. No reason to double down on the wrong info. We’d all respect you more if you just said, “Thanks for the info” and moved on. I’ve refused to take certain animals and, 4 years later, I’m still here. Let’s just all agree that you learned something new today.

I’m not arguing, I could care less, all I did was post what it says in the ADA website about questions. I was never trying to be right or wrong, but if it makes you feel better about your life, I’ll agree and say your right

No, judgement from me. I would have taken him as well. If could have been a set up with the language barrier issue.

I have a vacuum set I keep in my car in case any pax makes a mess. I have a Husky so sometimes I have hair all over me and would leave some behind if I sat in a cloth car. I have leather seats for that reason. Also get a seat cover if it’s that big of a deal.

If you are able to communicate with a rider. I know we are sapose to accept riders with service dogs. But if you have allergies to animals I think anyone even with a service dog would be ok if you refused to pick them up since it is due to a health issue you have. Dont get me wrong I feel for those who need service animals but also not right for you to get sick in your own car.

It is designed to prevent people with disabilities from discrimination. Just hope you never need to depend on a service dog.

Service animals must have ID. If they don’t have proof it’s a service animal, don’t let them in. I would risk being deactivated, not sure if you’re willing to risk it.