Atascocita, Texas Armed Robbery Caught on Uber Driver's DashCam

Female Uber driver was recorded on dashcam during an armed robbery on Valentines Day at around 12:45am. The Harris County Sheriff's Office released an eyewitnesses video of the event and hope that a viewer might help them apprehend the robbers.

The action was caught on dashcam at the intersection of Eagle Springs and Timber Forest. Gunmen block the driver's car and point a gun towards her head, demanding she hand over her money and phone.

One robber yelled at the driver "I'm going to shoot you. Give me your (expletive) money.

The driver was quite firm, even though she is frightened, and told the robber "Look, dude, I don't have anything. I drive for (expletive) Uber. I don't have (expletive)."

As the gunmen grab a few of her belongings, the driver holds her dog close and calls 911. As she tells dispatch "I'm at the intersection at Timber Forest and Eagle Springs," the gunmen open fire, and she screams "They're shooting at me. They're shooting at me. I need a police officer. Please, before they come back."

The gunmen did come back and fired a further three shots at the car, missing her head by inches.

Harris County Sheriff's Office Robbery Unit, Lt. Jeff Stauber told the press that "The severity. The potential for her to be killed on that night was very high. The terror in her voice and the tenacity these guys had and the violent nature of what they're doing. To us, they're only one step away from something more serious. We've got to get these guys off the streets."

Later that same day one of the gunmen was caught on CCTV trying to use the victim's credit card in a Porter gas station. Police hope that the public will help apprehend these two white males. The two suspects drove a black GMC Yukon with a Port Lavaca Fire Department sticker on the back window.

Police ask the public for information on the suspects by calling the Robbery Unit at 713-274-9210 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

Now you see why dash-cams are so important. They capture everything and in the end can help resolve issues that might go against the driver. In this case the poor girl did what most of us would do in this instance, and I hope she received good counselling and support after the issue. Not everyone can handle such an experience.

Wheres that damned ejector seat button!
OK, nuff said. I hope they catch the SOB and I hope she kicks him in the nuts!

And people think its a bad idea for drivers to be armed.

I’ve been held up at gun point, and my guns were at home locked up cause I follow the law…go figure.

She was on point tho…she drives for uber…she aint got no money

Just to give you an idea how uber cared about you… they did not comment on the incident.

At least they could have offered 5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. But they just don’t care.

Remember the 2nd Amendment. Its time to create a class action against Uber regarding gun carrying. Uber drivers are always going to be targets, so its time we carried for protection. Since we are driving in our own car, and we are not Uber employees, the 2md Amendment should protect us from deactivation. However the only way to reach that state is to band together and sue Uber for infringing on our basic rights as Americans, in other words, Uber is in-American and a threat to the American way of life.

Steve, r u on again about the 2nd amendment issue. May I suggest that if you are that serious you try to campaign to get a group together of at least 20,000 drivers to sign a petition, or better still, pay $2 per head (giving $40,000) to pay for a lawyer to start a class action suit against Uber’s infringement of the 2nd Amendment.