As a parent, I’d be thankful someone was willing to take minors as passengers

Last night was the second night of Austin City Limits. One passenger I picked up was a 17 year old and her 18 year old boyfriend. I decided to do it because her dad was the one who hailed the ride. He also told her to wait inside the McDonald’s that was the designated ride share pick up/drop off location for ACL until their ride home was verified. As a dad, I understood that. So, even though she was a minor and bf wasn’t, I took her home. Got a tip from it, too. The dad even met us outside when we got to her house.

Second minor was a 15-17 year old who worked the closing shift at Schlotzky’s. I picked him up because he was at work and mom hailed the ride. Mom even called to make sure I got him alright. I got a tip from that, too.

I know this’ll put a dildo up someone’s butt, but who cares.

If Uber and Lyft were as hyper vigilant as the SJWs would like us to believe, then the people who hail rides FOR MINORS would be banned for life, not the driver who is just answering a ping.

The first ride wasn’t kosher either Amanda, TOS says minors must be accompanied by the [18+] account holder. The 18 year old kid would’ve had to order the ride technically. But honestly I probably would’ve took them because one of them was 18.

You were ok on the first trip because she was accompanied be an 18 year old. You took a risk on the second trip but it’s your call. Most of us who have a few thousand trips under our belt have let the rules slide from time to time.

Better hope you never get in a wreck with one of those minors in your car, your insurance will be null and you’ll have to come out of pocket for all medical expenses and the repair of your vehicle and any other thing damaged in said wreck. Other than that, if $10 or less is worth the risk to you, go ahead and keep violating TOS and posting about it in a group that’s monitored by Lyft and Uber.

It isn’t even about the risk for me it’s more about me wanting to make sure these kids are safe and not just left somewhere. God forbid I left a pax behind because they were 17 and something ended up happening to them. I could never ever forgive myself. Like David said it’s a about the situations and case by case basis.:sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:t3:

I had a 16 year old girl working until 9 or 10 on a Sunday in philly and worked about 25 min from her job. I wasn’t leaving her. I’m a mom. I have no idea how you can be comfortable letting your 16 yo daughter work until 9 or 10 at night in Philly and then take an Uber home. I let her know I was going to wait for her to get in the house and turn the light on before I left too, so she wouldn’t be weirded out that I was still there. She actually said she appreciated that.

Bad ass kid bein fresh, imma deny you but a kid trying to make legal money to help buy the things they want/need, imma take that risk.

after doing this uber/Lyft stuff, it makes me feel like an over protective mother. I’m not gonna change, as long as this world is as nasty as it is but damn…just letting your underage kids hop in the car with anyone is absolutely absurd to me. I’m 28 and my mom will still check on me if she knows I’m out driving. It amazes me how people are just so willy nilly with their kids. Letting them in the car with strangers, taking them in said car without proper restraints…I seem to care more about people’s kids more than they do and I don’t even like kids :woman_shrugging:t5:

omg right! I share my location with my mom so she always knows where I am and I’m 30. She checks up on me to. I totally feel you it shocks me.

Seems to me we are being surrogate parents when it comes to this issue! The parents know their children are in these situations! How is it up to us, when rules clearly state we should not to transport their underage children! For as much as Uber/Lyft provide a great service it appears itsbreading widespread abuse and cultivating slackness and laziness of parents! As a single mother I got the struggle being real and transporting my kids everywhere wore me out,HOWEVER, I nevrt shirked on my duties and and did whatever I had to to make sure they got from point A to B without putting others in jeapordy!

15-17? Could just as easily have been 18. I picked up two really cute ladies last night that both my other pax and myself thought were 24.

They were 34.

I usually do not say much about this topic because it is such a HOT TOPIC. But I would rather take them home and make sure they get there safe and sound. Parents and of age brothers and sisters usually have the accounts. I did do a pick up of a young lady once that was ruled an adult by the courts. She carries her papers with her and yes if she calls and I get there I take her

it sucks because not all of the college kids are over 18. But my feelings are this. IF they are in college I am taking them. They are actually decent people and it’s so hard not to call them kids because at my age most are kids and younger then my own.

I couldn’t agree more i to have done this a few times because I’m not gonna leave a child behind alone. I wish lyft and Uber were more accepting of this. One child was in the rain once how could I leave her?

Well, that’s definitely implied consent and you’re not on the hook as if they requested them self.

I don’t think I would want my 16 year old daughter to drive alone with a Uber driver that says in public forum “Dildo up someones butt” And answers everything with a “IDGAF” :slight_smile:

TOS states anyone under 18 must be accompanied by adult. Period. Unless you are in a test market for teen accounts on Uber. Too many liability issues. The underage pax can say you did inappropriate things and could be in big trouble. Yes if you have a dashcam that could be tricky since anyone under 18 isn’t legally able to give consent without parent or guardian. When drivers accept these rides gives the drivers who do follow the rules a bad rap when we say sorry. Can’t take without parent. Tired of hearing underage pax saying well other drivers do it. Do two wrongs make a right?

Problem is you open yourself up for a lawsuit. And you are not covered under anyone’s insurance not even your own so you are totally fucked if something happened.

As a parent you should be more concerned with how you will support your family if one of these minors accuses you of something you didn’t do or how much the parents will sue you for if there is an accident and you aren’t covered because the pax was an unaccompanied minor. Not to mention the loss of income if you get deactivated for doing it. I feel for parents and kids when it’s late and they need a ride but I just remember that they won’t be doing the same if something goes wrong and I will be the one getting screwed. You gotta cover your ass for your family.

This is why I have a Dashcam. If anyone accuses me of anything I have the videos. And yes I download them and retain for 180 days. As far as unaccompanied juveniles, I understand the compassion, but if the parents were also that concerned about their kids they would pick them up. It is against TOS of both Uber and Lyft. If you do not look 25 or older i ask for ID. Pafents today are giving kids access to Rideshare accoiunts and using us as baby sitters and we have no protections. When I get UAJ;s I refuse the fare and report to Uber or Lyft.