As a parent, I’d be thankful someone was willing to take minors as passengers


(Graham Sandy) #21

And you have what to gain by bragging about how you’re violating Uber’s terms of service?

It’s people like you that give the police a reason to harass me just because I have Lyft and Uber stickers on my car.

(Mathew Boolean) #22

My day job is at a music rental company much like Rock and Roll Rental in Austin.
Some years ago a man brought his under age son in to rent a drum set. Since the dad was with him , we rented it to the kid.
Several months later when it was really over due, the dad said we entered into a contact with a minor and we could take a flying leap at a rolling doughnut.

(Trish Richardson) #23

So why not approach uber/lyft with a way to transport the under 18 demographic?
For example,

  1. if a driver is willing to transport under 18, they would have to have a dash cam recording the entire ride.
  2. The parent or guardian would have to request the ride
  3. There would be limits on where they can be dropped off. It would not be allowed for them to be dropped off at a bar/night club, etc
  4. There would be a min age requirement like nobody under 14
  5. The rates/pay would be a lot higher than the normal rates, because of the rider being a minor.
  6. Drivers wanting to opt in for “uber/lyft child” would have training above the req for becoming a driver, maybe even a clean driving record for at least 3 years.
    Just throwing out a few ideas!

(Lance Rodriguez) #24

By law you have to be fingerprinted to transport an unaccompanied minor.
But if the 17 year old was with an adult and she was, it’s ok.

(Melinda Foster) #25

Uber Teen is already available. They pay the drivers extra for it. Only high rated drivers get it. Parents have to approve the rides.

(Bector Ernest) #26

I pulled up to take a pax and realized she was under age. The father was there and said to me after I told him she was under age. Please take my daughter to school for me. He said I see your aware of the underage rule and said thanks to me for caring as a concerned parent He said I’m giving you permission to take her to school. I said ok. Then later that night I saw my feedback on uber and it mentioned that I was a concerned uber driver and helped this fathers daughter by taking her to school. The comment went further and said I use uber to take my kid to school for I am blind. Then I realized what he really wasn’t looking directly at me at the pick up

(Jack Dolen) #27

To protect you while you were taking care of his daughter, the father should have rode with you and then had you return him to the house.

(Christian Odom) #28

All of this compassion is really touching, but just remember if you have an accident the insurance companies are not compassionate and the father is going to sue the shit out of you.

(Brahim Decker) #29

You all can handle this anyway you want, just be aware that you are on your own, Uber, Lyft, the insurance companies and the law will not give a damn that the parent said it is okay. One person saying something is okay does not change the law. As for me, i am concerned more about protecting myself and my family.

(Marsha_Smith) #30

People know what they’re doin. They know it’s against the tos so I don’t understand why people continue to scold people for something that’s not concerning them. You do you, let them do them.

(Chris Stipe) #31

Very funny. All that bullshit When I filled all my paperwork and applied to each rideshare company you would think they would make a big fuss and tell all who were hired about minors. So I never take minors anymore because I now know there policies. I still talk to many other drivers and 60% of them don’t know

(Rakesh Sharma) #32

The reason why they don’t talk about it. The money they would lose would be phenomenal. Anyway. No more school pings for me.

(Abdul Karim) #33

although thee first amendment does grant us the right to free speech, read it carefully.That freedom is only granted to us as far as protecting us from government restrictions. FB is not a government agency, and Uber and Lyft are private enterprises, therefore they can and do place restrictions upon our speech, and can cancel or deactivate our accounts if our expressions of thought tend to have a negative impact on their enterprises. 1st amendment does not protect in these instances.