Are we REQUIRED to claim our mileage?

Liberty tax service is refusing to allow me to claim my income from Uber without claiming my mileage deduction. I do not have the 1099, only their “tax summary”. If I claim my mileage, then my deductions outweigh my income. This would be great in most cases, but in mine it screws me completely out of the earned income credit. If I claim my mileage, I am due back a refund of $13. If I do not claim my mileage, I am due back a refund of over $2,400. This liberty tax chick doesn’t seem to think it’s my choice whether or not I claim deductions. I think it is.

Is Liberty tax service a chain type thing? Like H&R Block? If so, why the loyalty? It’s best to find a local, reliable, experienced accountant that has YOUR best interest in mind.

I don’t really understand why you wouldn’t qualify one way or another anyways? Isnt the earned income credit based off your annual gross income and how many children you have? Why would certain tax deductions change that?

My form from last year only listed the milage I was paid for and that is not deductible, what we deduct is the mileage they don’t pay such as to the passenger /restaurant which is something only you can provide. I cannot wait to get all my docs and see what they have done this year.

I would go to see some one else. You could do gas or milage but not both. Go with which ever is the lowest.

A lot of drivers do milage but some just do gas. You don’t have to claim milage at least that’s what I was told by a person that works at H&R block.

Perhaps you could answer the specific question for me. Are we REQUIRED to claim any deductions?

Yes your required to … either miles or other deductions you can’t just be Uber’ing without miles or other deductions

I’m in Los Angeles. But I work with drivers in every state. Give me a call and we can discuss my fees. 323-893-1068.

Use Turbo Tax it was easy and didn’t pay no fees at all Uber and Lyft both got a deal with them right now you can file for fee and they will wave the $89 fee. I got a extra $120 dollars because i showed a $1000 loss for the year.

I think what he is saying is that you can double check with TurboTax, and TurboTax checks the laws to make sure they are being followed. So if TurboTax lets you file without either of the deductions, you should be good to go

I was told if you want to try and get money back to claim gas. Don’t know if it’s true or not but that’s what the person at h & r block had said. Doing mine next week or so.

no kids but do got a another job just a side gig. I write off miles, cell phone ( I had a 2nd cell phone for Uber and Lyft), water, cleaning things, and car wash, cell phone chargers. It a one time write off but I used it is setup cost. I ended up have a 1000 lost so my rideshare money was 100% and wrote off 1000 from my W2. I used turbo tax.

What i don’t get , if you made less then 20k you want get a 1099k . But bye law if you made over $600 , they are required to give you a 1099.

The funny thing is when i talked to my tax lady today . Now she is been doing my Taxes for 30 Years , and my uber taxes for 3 years . She even said if you make more then $600 , they are required to give you a 1099…

Here’s the IRS explanation on why they’re not required to issue one, unless you meet the criteria. If you don’t, you need to use the summary for your gross income.

I’m claiming the car we bought, insurance, gas, oil changes, cell phone usage, car washes and tire replacing. :blush:

Why would not claim mileage? As far as the EIC unless you have kids. If you’re making over 20K. I think you lost the EIC already.

I only claimed the uber and lyft fees. When I added mileage my refund decreased. You’re not obligated to itemize though

Sadly I think you are required to use them. Just claim the in app miles only then…I’m sure you drove more then what the apps states.