Anyone ever have someone vomit in their car?

How much did Uber pay you for the clean up/detail for it?

I experienced this for the first time today and only got $80; Uber does not cover your loss of time/trips while you’re having to take care of getting your car cleaned. I usually make $25-30 an hour on Saturdays, and spent 3 hours dealing with the mess, so I figured I’d get at least over $100 for this unfortunate experience. Got a message from an Uber rep saying they only pay for the clean up according to the average local cost for a detail in my area. Kind of f’d up on Uber’s part if you ask me …

Seems like the company cares less and less about the drivers each day…:thinking:

Email back and demand $150. Make sure to claim biological material was left on the seat and needs to be cleaned.

Uber’s policy has never given u money for time off the road when some pax vomits in your car it sux but that’s how it is u do lose a few hours you just have to accept it go clean your car then come back on the road

We don’t have to accept it. We can all demonstrate by refusing to drive for them until they capitulate. Just tell them you’ll drive for the other ride share service until they make it right.

They should care, because the more droves they have the lower they are able to drive the pay down.

I agree that Uber is not responsible for some jackass making a mess in someone’s car; the cost for clean up should be solely on the passenger, and a hefty cost in order to encourage a good trip each time for both parties.

get some vomit bags in your car and if someone is sick tell them
You would rather mess in there then your car say to them you don’t want to get charged Uber’s cleaning cost of 250

it should be a required rider from the pax that they will pay it if the driver makes the claim with video

that’s why Uber charges the pax for the clean up fee that shit doesn’t come out of Uber’s pocket

if I didn’t pick up drunks I would have almost no nighttime business at all. And daytime business is really spotty in this town.

Partners used to get a Max of $200. Per cleaning
Now the Max is $150. Per cleaning.
To receive more your required to have the Ryder criminally charged.

I had a drunk guy about 3:30 this afternoon piss himself in the backseat of the car before he started beating his sunglasses against my car door and window before I told them to get out before I call the cops

Oh my goodness! I sure hope Uber deactivates his app, as well as anyone who causes this kind of situation!

better find a way to make it obvious. Take a pic on your phone then invert it and screenshot it. Will show all stains.

lol im sorry im not touching piss for uber to send me money. I might try to shine light to show liquid but I’m not touching it

Thats so gross tho. Id be so mad. But i have a kid so i know one day itll probably happen to me

I rememebr when i was 10 i pissed my pants at my grandmas house and hopped in the car after too embarased to tell my parents.

I got $150 for what appeared to be a few chunks of watermelon… but I wrote a very descriptive and said the smell was way over powering… when really I took a bunch of towels and scooped it out of cup holder. I can thank having retail accident report writing experience for that. There’s many ways to say I cut my finger some sound worse then others

I’m confused… the passenger vomited or you spilled some watermelon and said it was the passenger?