Anybody doing rideshare for selfish reasons?

I’m aware most of us are in it because BILLS but i was just curious if anyone is doing it for things like vacation money, extra spending change, ect. I started driving to have more money for Vegas and some other big trips we have planned. Now that Im averaging about $250 per weekend (only time i can work because of my day job) I make enough to pay the Nanny, Lawn Kid and the maids!

If you have a nanny, someone to do your lawn and multiple maids you should just do it yourself and you wouldn’t have to drive for uber to make vacation money.

I just do it because I want to make sure people get where they are going in a safe manner. Money means nothing to me.

Not pretentious at all. You’re working to be able to afford the extras. If you’re working just on the weekends and that can pay for your nanny (probably 8 hrsx5 days/week if you’re working full time too), lawn kid (a couple hours a week that you could spend doing other things, and maid (giving you time to NOT have to clean your house) it’s well worth it. No everyone who takes on a second job is doing it just to make ends meet. My husband and I are doing to save for a house down payment. We do fine otherwise, but don’t want to pay PMI when we buy a house.

I was thinking this would not go over well. But this is why rideshare is nice. You can do as little or as much as you want! It’s super easy money and I enjoy meeting new people

My other option was to take a second job (I’m an RN). Which would mean a bit more money but also mean several weeks from application to job start, 2 months orientation, night shift, 12 hour weekend shifts, schedule made 6 weeks in advance and feeling bad when I no longer need the money and decide to quit. With rideshare, I was on the road in 3 days, paid weekly and on my own schedule and terms.

Are you or your husband husband a vet? If so there is no monthly mortgage insurance, just a funding fee and rates tend to be lower than conventional loans!
If not a vet check out single premium mortgage insurance. Its a cheaper way to get into a home sooner and you can add it to the loan or pay it in cash. This is a big g savings if you intend to stay in the home for a number if years!

My wife has a home daycare. It doesn’t make much. We did it so the kids wouldn’t be in daycare Now she is switching careers. That career won’t make much either but will allow her to be off when the kids are off school. I do this so she can do that and our kids are taken care of.

Good point! Before we
got help with those things, i did the best I could but couldn’t keep up with housework, kids and cooking with a ft job😝. Plus my wife, gid bless her is very picky about cleaning so we outsource it. The lawn kid is just that. He is saving for college and a car so i figured why now? Plus i have a push and it takes me 2hrs to do what he does in 30 min with a riding lawn mower. As far as the nanny goes, i can’t help that. I teach during the day and my wife has a very demanding job so we need thr help and its cheaper than daycare

A nanny is cheaper then daycare? Either the daycare is for the rich and famous or the nanny don’t charge enough.

I have the same. Nanny in the summer. Cleaning lady to do the tough stuff twice a month. I could afford it without this but this makes it easier for the extras that come up or want to do. Nothing wrong with it

We needed a better car, I’m
Driving enough to pay the car payment + insurance.

I do it because I hate staying home all day doing nothing. My boyfriend makes enough money for the both of us so it’s just extra for when we like to go shopping or want to go on a vacation. Also it’s going to help for the down payment of a house next summer

I also like being a part of something that makes it easy to make the right choices after having a few :beers: :tropical_drink: :beers:.

Well cut out the nanny and maid mr money bags and see what’s happens
Plus when did saving for a vacation selfish

Saving for vacation is not selfish especially since this is a job that doesn’t effect other coworkers. I have had people who will go through training to start a job. Work for a few weeks and just quit without notice and say they were only working to save for a vacation or to pay this or that off. So they do all the training, waste company resources, to work for a month or 2.

I’m driving to save for a down payment on a house. I’ve been driving since April and I’ve already saved close to 5k. We want to put down between 10-15k so I’m almost there!

I do it for extra cash for vacations with and without kids. We love california! And awesome WI finally got the rideshare! Im from Madison

Initially I started driving to raise funds for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation as I was running a half marathon. I lost my “real” job about a month ago, so it is all I have now.

I lost my job in February. I started this to make money to pay the bills. Once I find another job, I would continue to drive part time for extra money.