Anybody doing rideshare for selfish reasons?


(Jose Hernandez) #21

You are like a mirror image of my reasons. Going on a trip this week and then in a couple of weeks the wife and I are going to vegas. I wanted a bigger budget. I’ll keep doing it cause it’s nice cash for 9 or 10 hrs a week.

(Anderson Lee) #22

You gotta go tour kounts customs from the TV show, also restoration hardware, can walk to both from one spot, both free and fun, I’d avoid pawn stars, its a joke!! Want a seriously good meal for uber cheap? Lucky club! Hwy 15 and Cheyenne, dollar bottle of beer! Huge breakfast 5 bucks… Have fun

(Kenneth Miller) #23

Really?? Uber. It’s super close to the stratosphere, so is the car shop! You can take the double bus down the Blvd cheap! Where ya staying?

(Paul Garcia) #24

I do it to help provide for my family to the best of my abilities. I’m a stay at home dad for 1 more year… so it’s perfect for the kids schedule when school is going on and cheaper then childcare. Multiple incomes are always helpful. Plus your eggs aren’t in 1 basket.

(David Smith) #25

I have been a caregiver for the past 11 years. In the detroit area i was a caregiver for my stepfather for 4 years until he passed form cancer. 6 months later my mother found out she had cancer and i was her caregiver for 4 years until she passed. I moved to Nashville 3 years ago to continue being a caregiver for my aunt who is 76 and her son, my cousin who who is 56 and has spinabifida. Im new to Nashville and i dont know anyone here. I love my aunt and cousin dearly but they are hill people. I cant watch another episode of Walker Texas Ranger or In The Heat Of The Night. The other day my aunt asked me “Are you gonna go goober today?” I tell my aunt “Its uber” she says “I just cant sat it right” Me “oh your saying it right your just adding a g to it.” sigh

So my selfish reason for driving Uber is to get out and talk to sane people and make money while having a flexible way to make it. If im out on the road he can call me to tell me he dropped his remote in the floor and the price is right is over and he cant change the channel and i can drop off my customer and run home and help them with whatever they need and then get back on the road.

tldr: lonely dood in a new city.

(Audrina Jameson) #26

Being a caregiver is one of the most rewarding things one can do, Apparently u have a huge :gift_heart:and will receive your blessings abundantly…

(Peter Dave) #27

I do it to along with another job. My husband has been sick for two years and can’t work, so I’m floating the boat for us. Hopefully, it’s short term until disability is approved.

(Mitchel) #28

To pay bills. I was the primary provider in our household before I suddenly developed a condition that makes it impossible to do my former job. Our modest income was cut by 70%. I need something I can do when I feel I have the stamina to work. For now, this fits. Not great money, but a lot better than 0.

(Haris_McMan) #29

I started driving because I got laid off then my child was diagnosed with a 5 lb tumor had life threatening surgery he is doing amazing but we are completely broke and I am doing anything and everything to make money so it’s for survival…

(Amanda Halen) #30

I started doing it when my son lost his job and my supporting him was cutting into my travel funds. Now I do it mostly because I enjoy it and it provides a little extra to support my travel addiction.

(Maurice Nixon) #31

Doesn’t really matter what you’re doing it for. You could be driving to pay your taxes on a mansion out in the hills. You earned it. Its our God given right to live life as we see it.

Disclaimer: As long as no life is harmed in pursuit of

(Andrew Martin) #32

I make a goal each weekend. This weekend was school supply money for my kids. Next weekend will be birthday presents for my son.

(Kimberly Nelson) #33

I started because i needed a part time job to pay bills but could not commit to a set schedule. Once I got back on my feet, I treated myself and kids often. I also celebrated my daughters quinceanera.

(Sharon Green) #34

I was doing Uber last year Full Time, I had 2 quit my job 2 care for my elderly Mother(RIP) Back @ work F/T & Uber when available 4 extra :moneybag:

(Sue Cooper) #35

I finance my hunting and fishing with it so my hobbies don’t come out of the family fund.