An uber story...7k would be small potatoes to what he would owe in a divorce

LOL…well I got him twice today ;so understand these privates are very young …almost babies fresh out of high school sometimes…I had to step in and play “momma” …He got a $7,000.00 sign on bonus in his bank account so he kept telling me about this little girl he met on POF he took on a date and they stayed in a nice hotel (2 nights 189.00 per night)for a whole weekend and I asked how long he known her he said 5 days (he only been station here a month…fresh out of AIT) and he said “I think umma ask her to marry me next weekend cause she said she wanted to get a room again for the whole weekend”…I told him pace himself …I can tell he so sweet too .I just believe she gonna take him for that 7,000.00 .LOL…I told him don’t tell nobody else about that 7,000.00​:joy::joy::joy:#Rule1 never tell a woman how much money you have in your bank account unless she is your wife. #Rule2Have fun but don’t get taken advantage of …I feel like once that money gone she gonna friendzone him but I didnt tell him that cause he seem so happy…

You have seen it before. But he probably wouldn’t listen to your advice anyway, the emotions are strong, and shut his brain right off

Damn E3 and below. They get their money and blow it on hookers, strippers and whatever else they can get their hands on. Seen too many get all wound up with it.

I dated a E7 before and he treated his soldiers like they were his own children…lol so he would ask them all type of stuff…

yeah that was a fun Monday morning. Called me at 5pm Sunday and got back to the ship at 430am, 1.5 hours before morning formation. Told our lead petty officer(LPO) what happened and that I was taking him for a couple of hours for counseling and to learn about being responsible with his money. Took an hour and a half nap and then laid into him with a counseling statement in hand.

Guy is now a Master Chief with 2 years left before retirement at 20. Just a young kid, 18 at the time, from the corn fields of Iowa.

He probably won’t untill he get his little heart broken and then he will remember that uber ride …:thinking::thinking::expressionless:

Haha I have to play mama to all the young guys new to the fleet! I give out so much advice about adult decisions lol

With my boyfriend I knew on our first date that he is gonna be the one I marry. We’ve been together for almost 4 years now. I said I love you in two weeks haha

Thats amazing…im not saying it cant happen because it can.I just believe it won’t happen for everyone that way…

Army now a days pretty much gives everyone a, bonus now. I just finished my career with 4 years of recruiting. Those army guys flash money like they are goign to make it rain

No. They hardly EVER give a bonus. Unless you’re medical or dentist of some sort… maybe intel. He’s very lucky he got that. I got 12k when I signed on… just lil ole infantry

I feel young myself still under 30 yet I still find myself giving a lot of my late night party teens advice on their way home from some party/bar/club.

They be feeling so comfortable tell me everything cause no one believes im over 25…lol…so I have to prove im 35 once the momma version kick in (always asking to see my ID).They always say I thought you was my age…Im a older lady…:joy::joy::joy:

Dang girl. Yes you look 25. We’re made for each other. I got you g looks from my parents. But my beard makes me look closer to my age. I still don’t look a day over 30 people say.

Poor baby he better leave them thots alone…smh
No-one believes I’m almost 30… Girl we have good genes… We are gonna be 60 looking like we are in out 30s… I ain’t complaining… :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I live close to an Air Force base that’s predominantly a training base and we pickup a LOT of tech school kids, almost all fresh out of high school. I’m a high school teacher so I can’t help but mother them a little so I know just what you’re saying! :rofl: I enjoy picking them up.

Real momma would tell him what he needed to hear, not just let him go off smiling.

Ait sounds like a baby truck driver . . lmao as soon is they see money they’dwant to spend it like crazy just wait till he realizes how hard the first year is

I have a mentally challenged boy I have driven several times: 19, getting money from the gov’t each month & lives at home with mom. He takes different girls to the mall & dinner each time I take him somewhere. It is very hard not to “mommy” him, but I’m NOT his mom!

I can understand that. I have a client with my day job who is almost 20 but has the cognitive ability of approximately a 10 year old. It’s really difficult to not try and parent.