An uber story...7k would be small potatoes to what he would owe in a divorce

For a mentally challenged young man, he is doing great, taking different girls to the mall and dinner? He is living the life! Very happy for him. I am not going to tell you the last time I had a date

But the boys are happy! Our only purpose in life is to get female attention and affection. At any cost. Males will risk their lives for it

Yea I have unfortunately and luckily most of the guys fresh out of TRADOC look at me like the wise older sister who may be a pain in the ass but had words of wisdom and they do listen unless they are just truly too stubborn to see but with the 10 years I have in as well that puts a lot of credibility under my belt and I’ve helped a lot of brothers and sisters. Uber and Lyft are my way of preventing the foolish actions that we all see in real life and in the accident avoidance course we go through every year. For me it’s not about the money it’s about giving people the opportunity to live longer because they made a good choice by requesting you. I feel like I’m doing my part to put my subordinates before my own by being a rideshare driver because I feel like I’m aiding the mission even in my civilian life just by ensuring my brothers and sisters made it to their destination safely. It matters not what branch or how long they’ve been in, they’re all family to me and I love them all the same even if there are a few I loathe and despise but regardless when it comes down to the mission that is all put aside because at the end of the day they are my family and we all fight the same fight beside one another. And thank you for your support! We are nothing without our family and friends supporting us, knowing they’ve got our backs on the homefront!