An Uber ride to remember--$18,518.50 for 3.4 miles

You might consider staying at the Royal Penthouse Suite at Geneva's Hotel President Wilson for $82,500 a night or you might decide to take a 20-minute ride with Uber in Toronto for $18,518.50, the Uber ride would cost $1,333,332 for the same amount of time you could stay in the fancy suite overnight (24 hours per stay fee).

This is what faced Emily Kennard's friend when he posted his screenshot of the fare.

Surge pricing glitches can occur, and riders should check their bills for any slight differences that might appear and not rely on a string of software code that can change the outcome. Uber in the meantime repaid the rider, but did they include the interest charged to the card during that time. Another question arises, we might notice large glitches, but let's look at small ones, do we notice $0.05 fee to our fares? If not, maybe we should, after all, ten million rides a day will generate an extra profit of $500,000 a day, if there is such a glitch in the system. Something to consider.