Amazon Flex Drivers are Getting Fired for Missing Packages They Delivered

It seems that working with Amazon Flex is a dangerous business, not only are you liable for all your deliveries, even if you have proof of delivery. When an accumulated number of customer complain that they did not receive their package, you will be terminated without any giving you any chance to defend the allegations.

Screenshot-2018-3-1 Amazon Flex driver fired over missing packages

This might sound reasonable if there was no proof of delivery, however for mother Melissa Gyfteas, who home schools her son, driving for Amazing Flex was a great way to supplement her income by around $20 per hour.

Everything was fine until her first customer complain came through, claiming that they never received their package. Melissa proved to Amazon that she delivered it, so the package was either stolen after the fact or the customer was making a false insurance claim. Whatever the reason, after a few customers complained that they did not receive their packages, Melissa's contract was ended.

This is not an unknown situation, and Melissa intends to contest the termination through legal action. While it does state clearly in the Amazon terms of service "If customers repeatedly report that they cannot find packages you marked as delivered, you will no longer be eligible to participate in the program." We wonder if this includes false or fake claims?

The issue of missing packages is well known, the fact that the driver is fired for delivering a package with proof of delivery is not right. The driver cannot be found guilty for theft by a third party. In essence, what we are learning here is that door to door deliveries have to be coordinated with a person to receive the package and no more deliveries too empty houses. Amazon has to instate a company policy that deliveries will only be made in person, since this is the only way to assure the delivery and prevent lost or stolen packages.

This happened to me twice, once I put a package in a bin on the open terrace, and guess what, it wasn’t there when they got home. The second time it was pouring, and I was wetter then Aquaman in Jacuzzi, so I left it in their barbeque, found it in the garden. I also left a note both times in their mail box. Guess what, “dufus” is to blame. From that time on, I never delivered anything when the customer was not at home waiting. I also cut down on my Amazon Flex rides.