Am I the only one that has problems with drunk men keeping their damn hands to themselves?

Ladies. I am sick of my thigh being touched and my hair smelled or touched as well as my shoulders from the back seat.
I feel much safer with them in the passanger seat than behind me anymore in that drunken touching state.

Oh and the countless times I’ve been offered money for kissing, seeing my boobs, touching my boobs… and “helping them fall asleep” when dropping them off. :roll_eyes:

I think it’s all people not just men. I have had a woman who kept trying to rub my neck and asked to motorboat :rofl::rofl: I couldn’t even hold in my laughter as I dropped her off when she asked :woman_facepalming:t2:

I have been kissed, been grabbed, had countless women touch my shoulder and elbow, had an awkward drunk neck message, I’ve been hugged by a few women, propositioned by a couple of men, offered drugs, marijuana, invited to strip clubs and invited home with women twice. Also asked how to perform anal sex, and invited to tie someone up. And flashed more times than I can count. Oh, and asked to judge a “titty contest” between four very drunk girls. And I’m old, fat, and ugly. I can imagine what it must be like for you.

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Girls get pretty crazy to when there drunk I had this one lady kept touching asking me to come to her room I had to remind here like 20 plus times I was married

I had a female passenger who was drunk. I had picked her up at the cask and flagon. She put her hand on my ball cap and push the brim down over my eyes and I exploded on her… And kicked her out of my car. But I also had a male driver lightly poke (it could have been considered harmless but still not a good idea) my leg during conversation. I don’t touch passengers at all! But some people are touchy feely and can’t help themselves.

:thinking: so…still using that same antiquated logic as in “if you don’t want to be raped… don’t wear a revealing dress”… Yeah…don’t think any one that actually has a brain really believes that in this day and age. “The actions of some people DON’T cause poor behavior and bad life decisions in others.” You can quote me on that…

it’s not fair that women drivers should be deprived of late night bar patron money for fear of being sexually assaulted.

I drive only nights and this happens every night. Best solution is to turn on the light so they can see me more clearly and that usually ends it ! Lmfao…

No, had it happen to a woman in our market she was actually grouped in her car multiple times. We all told her call cops not just Uber. I’ve had women be all over me, is that the same. It’s always hot ones too, none of the ugly ones try. Guess if you’re hot that’s the invite to do whatever you want

I have only had one instance where the pax kept touching my arm and flirting with me. Every time she touched my arm I just moved it away.
End of the ride she got upset that I didnt flirt back and said she was not tipping and was going to one star me.
I told her two reasons I didnt. First I’m married. Second, even if I wasnt I need to remain professional and wouldn’t have asked for her number anyway.

yes. But my point is. U cant handle your alcohol? So automatically because u r drunk and a complete ass I get disrespected. It’s disgusting behavior. Seems to me that 9 times out of 10. Drunk men are very mean. Like alcohol further intensifies what assholes guys are

I don’t give a damn how drunk they are. Okay so very very drunk is okay. Because there so damn stupid to get that wasted

All crazy
I had a drunk guy try to scare me
I told him I was packing
Get it lol
He jumped out of my car

i tell them to keep their hands to themselves or the will be asked to leave the vehicle. on the flip side i had a woman refuse to get out of the car unless i let her kiss me, she was convinced i was gay and would not believe her when i told her i was not

I’ve had women try to get me to go inside with them. Have had women kiss me randomly when dropping them. Like not even asking, they just do it. It’s awkward I agree

well damn I guess I need to gain 500 pounds. Get some fake warts or some shit. Fake teeth. Hell that still wouldn’t deter the behavior

and also where the police on patrol are parked. I once pulled up to a state trooper late at night in a car dealership lot and had him help me remove a pax who was making threats.

pepper spray inside a car is a bad idea. The stuff gets everywhere it’ll mess up everyone. It’ll get stuck in your vents and you’ll never get it out

I’ve had plenty of females riders touch me during rides. I’m a big dog and laugh it off. I can understand how it can be a shitty situation for a female driver.

To answer your question : Yes. It’s just very common for women to complain about this than it is for men… and trust me, it bothers us (Maybe not all) just as much.