Am I the only one that has problems with drunk men keeping their damn hands to themselves?


(Eric Moore) #21

you don’t need an expensive dash cam, just a small single lens model that can be turned inward when needed. The cheap ones lack IR night vision, but you can flip on an overhead light or turn up your phone brightness. I have this one in my backup car and it’s served me well.

(Melinda Foster) #22

I’ve had it happen twice. The worst time, she was actually put in the car by her friends because she was so drunk. The address on the App she said was wrong and she gave me a different address. Halfway there, her arm snakes between the seats and she starts fondling my chest. (Full disclosure: I am quite a bit overweight. And gay.) I told her to stop and that I was just her driver, nothing more. She responded to this by practically climbing over the seats and starts to kiss the side of my face. I again tell her to stop and that I am just her driver trying to get her home and that I have another passenger waiting for me. She kept it up but kept asking why I was so mad at her. I would explain again that I was just her driver trying to get her home. That’s all. We finally arrived a the address she had given me–a hotel. I drove up to the doors and she said she wasn’t staying there but could be if I’d come in with her. I exploded. Finally, she gave me a new address. It was a condo complex. We entered the complex and the told me to go to the back and turn right, then go to the end of that row and turn right, then to the back of that row and turn right, repeating this endlessly. I was furious so she finally says that she’ll get out and walk to her condo. I say fine and have a nice night. I’m pointed the wrong way to get out, so I go down a bit to turn around and when I do, she is falling. Crap. I go back to her and tell her to get in the car and TELL ME SHE LIVES!!! So she gives me yet another address and we get there and it’s a very nice ranch house. As she gets out of the car she mutters something like, “I hope he’ll let me in.” I drive off as soon as she in on the porch and fumbling for her keys in her purse. I wanted to call the police on her, but I was afraid she would turn it around, that I had harassed her instead. I am planning on getting a camera, but something always seems to come up when I have the money–a tire needs replacing, part for the washing machine, etc.

(Jose Hernandez) #23

“put in” riders are the worst. As a rule, I stopped accepting them long ago. But recently, I broke that rule and accepted a put-in for a mere 1.3 mile ride. Pax was passed out and unresponsive at the destination. After several thousand trips, it was my first 911 call. Never again!!!

(Operating System) #24

Then stop giving rides to Joe Biden