Always willing to learn more as a good tactic

Post ur week so far… let’s see how y’all doin

Weeks not over yet :wink:
Ask me how I did it and I’ll give u one answer. #moneyteam

Answer this question, whats your platform?

That’s $9/hr minus gas and expences. But to each their own. A man or woman who works hard and puts in the hours is alright in my book. Nothin at all wrong with a good work ethic

People he’s not driving all 90 hours. He’s stated that 1,456,975 times. Lol. Can’t wait to get off so I can get some of these coins tho #irsgotmeonlockthiseve

so y’all really think someone is actually in their car “driving” for 90 hours!!! :flushed: :flushed: :thinking::thinking: ummmmmm…
…ok then :joy::joy::joy:

Is there a promo video or something? I’m genuinely confused by this post. But I’m new here. You are promoting a service of some sort?

how many times have you said the same exact statement since you’ve been in this group!!! :joy: :joy: :joy: #TheyDontGetIt

If you drove XL your gas would probably be more than eat into ur rides alotttt because it’s a whole different customer base and area you need to find a customer. Also your days and times are all different.

I am registered for delivery but have never done it. What do you think of it? Is it profitable and can it be done while online as UberX too?

You’re a shista, a fraud. You are all talk my friend. You have no skill at all. Anyone can sit in their car for 14 hours a day and do 100+ trips. Show me a screenshot that shows 29 trips making 1000+. You can’t and won’t.

Lmfao and when I do prove it to you, then what does that prove ??

Do you think that just because I may make $1000 in 25 trips or less that I am any better than somebody who does it with 50 trips? Again you’re focusing on the wrong thing which is why your uber income is probably less than 40% of what I make weekly

If you don’t think trip #s matter than you have already lost. It does make a difference in your net profitablity. You can talk gross numbers all day.

Now if you want to compare pay statements I will put you to shame.

If you have a select vehicle contact uber and have them create a Select only profile. Once they create a select only profile just leave you’re app on and only take select. 1 select ride is like 5 Uberx rides. Don’t be fooled…

How do we contact Uber to have our profile updated to Uber Select? My car qualifies and I’ve been driving for 2 months with no Select requests.

Uber is on some frickin-knacking bull. They told me I have to come to the office to have my account updated. Isn’t their office near 85 N where the bridge collapsed? That’s a deterrent for me. I’ve been avoiding that area.

It’s very rare you get them unless you’re in an optimum location. You need to tell them they need to setup a “Select only profile”

2015 300, my rating is 4.9. I got a message this morning saying that they have added the UberSelect only option to my account. I love this group!

I only did like two Uberselect rides. I set the select only profile and waited. Got one ping like at 5am for a airport ride and that was like $45. It’s worth it but the pings are slim to none. DEPENDING ON WHERE YOU LOCATED.

Don’t post not one more time!!! :joy: :joy: :joy: you get the SAME QUESTIONS…EVERY WEEK!!! :joy: :joy: :joy:. no he doesn’t drive for 90 hours straight!!! He has a Select vehicle and he takes both Select and X requests. Did I mention he is NOT in his vehicle all day!!! :joy: :joy: :joy: Does that cover it!!! :thinking: :thinking:

All one has to do is enter his name in the search function and most if not all of the questions are answered.

Cause he knows the trip numbers will show he is no more than an average driver. I don’t care about hours, show how many trips and my questions will stop.