Alright, this is for the Super Moms

I’ve had this pounding sinus headache, sore throat, and clogged up nose since Monday night. I need some relief fast so I can get back to work without feeling like crap. Any recommendations? I’m sorry for the non-rideshare related posts, it’s just there are more Super Moms in this group than there on my personal page. Please help lol

Swallow a teaspoon of coconut oil. Then gargle 1 tablespoon for 5-10 mins depending on pain level…, you will fill it subside…continue this every 3 hours ( just the gargle) #home-remedies #nodrugs

A battery operated netti pot will rinse your nasal passages with a saline solution. Make you use spring water and not tap water. I hope you feel better.

Super dad to the rescue. Take you 2 teaspoons of Castro oil and sit in the sauna for 20 mins.

Thank me later.

If you’re not doing #2 at least once every day, you need that Castor oil. It’s a natural laxative. REMEMBER: If you feel like you have to poot… Don’t!!!:joy: Go straight to the bathroom.

I always drink ginger green tea with lemon and honey. That is the only thing I’ll consume for 3 days. Ginger is excellent for the immune system. The lemon will break up mucus. Stay away from dairy and sugars during that time. I PROMISE you’ll feel better. I give that my husband as well.

mine too, I take allergy medicine regularly. But my body gets so used to it that I have to switch from Zyrtec, Claritin, and Alegra throughout the year

Yes! From mailbox to house. I felt weird when I laid down and woke up to a full blown assault. Yeah Ashley I’m in Austell. Too far. If the home remedy stuff don’t work I will drag to the store. :mask::mask::mask:

Vick rub or a potato cut in half at bottom of foot and socks. If it turns black or brown when you take them off , thats the infection

You may have a sinus infection…are you able to blow your nose or hack up some un-Godly color of yellow and green substance???

Been taking those since I started to feel the slightest hint of sickness, usually helps… this time, not so much If that does not kick it in 3 days top, your gonna have to go to an urgent care for penicillin. Or a Zpac

Zpac definitely if it doesn’t go away… Don’t want to have it lingering for to long… It can turn into pneumonia. Not trying to scare you just to make you aware.

Get the sinus stuff at the pharmacy. You have to sign for.
It works plus has ephedrine in it.
Works and keeps you alert.

Turn your water up as hot as it gets, place a bath cloth under running water, squeeze it out, cover your face. Repeatedly.

Super jackazz to the rescue… A shot of crown, lemon, and honey in hot tea. Repeat at least 3x if necessary (only if necessary) it works

The caffeine in coffee helps to open up airways and relieve congestion. Works the same as ephedrine (the cold medicine that is hard to get now cause they make meth from it). I usually drink coffee, take a Motrin, go to the YMCA and hang in the steam room and sauna (you can get a day pass as a guest. I’m a member). Exercise helps. Get plenty of rest, drink a lot of WATER, decrease sugar intake, and take a multivitamin.

If you can’t go to the sauna, make a hot Toddy : tea, honey, two shots and lemon. Wrap up and go to bed.

Hot towels to your face with a dab of alcohol or Vicks rub in the cloth placed near your nostrils.

Boiled lemons and apple cider vinegars. My moms recipe, she’s a nurse and uses that for her sinus infections. It works. Make tea with it

get some fresh ginger. Peel a chunk and put it in a small pot of water to make tea. You can sweeten it with some raw honey. Get in bed and get under the covers and get yourself some sleep.

We don’t sleep enough to allow our bodies to heal itself

Turmeric pills are amazing for on the go but boil ginger in water for half an hour and drink the water with honey and lemon before you go to sleep to help you rest. Acv in warm water with honey in the am helps break up mucus built up over night. Good luck dude