Alright, this is for the Super Moms


(Brendan Halai) #21

Depending on the dosage of the turmeric (I usually get 400mg+) take 4 to start then 2 every 4-6 depending how much pain you’re in

(William Murphy) #22

Hey I’m on a plant based diet sooo get some organic ginger, cayenne pepper, and lemon…when boiling the water make sure the ginger is in the pot (it’ll make the tea stronger) but a few shots of cayenne along with some lemon…drink about 2-3 cups and you should start to feel better right away

(Graham Sandy) #23

Put some Vicks vapor rub on a q-tip and put it up your nose. Sleep with a cool mist humidifier and drink Lipton sinus relief hot tea

(Mathew Boolean) #24

Go to your local pharmacy get some Flonase and ask for the good sinus stuff from behind the counter. You are well past home remedies at this point.

(Trish Richardson) #25

Press your thumbs on both sides of your nose press and give a few and your nose will run and relieve sinus pressure

(Lance Rodriguez) #26

Please, go pick up your bottle of whatever was recommended on this thread immediately because you will need it when the responses come to this question

(Melinda Foster) #27

Before you go to bed tonight rub vapor rub on your chest, around your neck, inside your nostril, and on your back. Put something on your head. Drink some whisky. Chew fresh garlic then get in the bed with lots of covers so you can sweat. Set ur alarm for 6 am assuming u went to bed 10pm. In the morning Take a shower (you need to wash the sickness off)

Ps. I keep a bottle of whisky around at all times with fresh garlic chopped up inside the whisky bottle. It’s my remedy for everything. Try it. Feel better.

(Bector Ernest) #28

Sounds like a bacteria. Mucus is the word to ALWAYS remember. Its found to be an issue regardless of the illness. Even HIV/AIDS. Headaches boosts the strength of your sinuses. Sore throat well usually you’ll always find yourself swallowing of coughing up mucus. Nose…obvious. Now one of these previous post should be used…maybe all as a guide in the future.

(Kelly Hector) #29

My mom recently suggested Rock and Rye…I was like “say what now?” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I googled it, its an old whiskey that is used for colds, sinus…

(Jack Dolen) #30

Apple cider vinegar with the mother…1-2 tbsp in the morning and at night. You can also make a cocktail of ACV with honey and water as well to drink daily. I would take Robitussin for the sinus issues. Strep throat is going around so check your throat for white crud…if its strep you will feel like you got hit by a mack truck. Good luck…