All advice is appreciated

Hi everyone.

I just joined Uber yesterday, but I haven’t started driving because I am a bit nervous about the whole process. Any advice before I get started? How did you feel about your first day of driving? Safety concerns?

First ride was the only one I was nervous about. Then I was like man this is easy. Then I realized she left her keys…so had to figure out how to get them back. Always make sure people have there phones and keys when they get out. Top 2 things people will leave

I was nervous. my first time …but after the 2 customer…i felt like I was going to find my friends…place & take them where they needed to go…after that. it was great…its all good…

Just get out there! It’s fun most of the time. Lol. Seriously lots of good people, good/easy money. Jump in!

It is easy, just do it like you were driving friends. You aren’t going to be perfect the first couple of times.

As for safety, Everyone is going to give you different advice on this one. I do not know your area at all but I can say I do not mind driving in the city. If something is going to happen, it could happen at any time, not while you are driving for Uber/Lyft. Keep doors locked, give yourself enough space to get out if needed at a stop light or parking spot without having to do a 3 point turn.

I think there are as many if not more woman drivers then men. Just drive.

only advice i can give u is be patient if u are in a surge area uber will try to send u rides with no surge but if u dont take them and u wait then u will make good money

It’s because everyone in the surge area ignores the requests from outside. It just gets kicked down the line.

It has nothing to do with Uber sending you outside surge zones. The people are requesting outside the zone and more than likely every driver is hovering like like vultures in the zone. Closest gets it.

After a few rides you will feel like a pro. I make them laugh n always Thank them for using Uber or Lyft. Smile when they get in the car increases tips. I offer candy. Drive in the prestige areas during surge study the map …

Keep your windows clean, clean the seats and vacuum- and have treats and a tip box - break gently and accelerate slowly - always make it about the rider and you’ll be fine :+1:t2::four_leaf_clover: good luck

Take interesting pictures along the way and post them on Insta…(Uber/Lyft Photo Diary) let us know how it goes for you!

It took me a week to get the courage for my first Drive. But I needed to pay my bills so I just went and did it. Look at your Facebook uber friends. There comments make me feel like someone else cares and I am not all alone. Good luck friend…

I think that would be cool if we had our own personal. friends list…page a Facebook that way we can message one another if there’s an issue or if we need help or need someone to talk to or assistance or anything to help each other out to be there for one another

I did just as you are. Asked a lot of advice! This was me on day #1-- Get in car. Bible on passengers seat. Pray for God’s protection, guidance, wisdom and to select my riders. Thanked Him for the new adventure. Turn on Uber App. Turn on car ignition. Start driving!

Have you seen any negative effect from keeping the Christian radio station on while you are driving? I usually listen to the Message or something similar when I’m in the car alone via Sirius but have tuned to BBC World News or Chill Electronic dance music when passengers enter the car.

Practice following your navigation a few times in areas you are not familiar with. Watch for speed bumps inside of neighborhoods. They are not just for parking lots and apartment complexes. Be safe and have fun!

Make sure you can follow GPS. Then just smile and be hospitable. Focus on the road (not your passengers) and talk as much as they do. You will do fine.

I advise to start saturday or sunday mornings 8 or 9. Dont do nights in the begining. I personally hate nights. Good for no traffic but cant see addresses ect. For a girl i would stay away from nights just because.

Shit this is a peace of cake love. Just be patient and make the best out of it my first day I made 400

I was nervous too the first day driving. No matter what you have been through in life, it’s a little unnerving to drive with people you don’t know in your car. I can say out of about 700 rides, only a handful have been weird. For the most part, I have found that riders are cool, calm, collected, kind, and courteous. Friday/Saturday nights are a bit different but I’ve still found that most riders have been cool.