Ahead of Uber Trial, Waymo Buys More Self-Driving Cars

(Harry) #1

Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous vehicle (AV) division has ordered thousands of Fiat Chrysler minivans equipped with their “LiDAR” technology. This came after they already purchased 600 Chrysler hybrid minivans in the last two years. Waymo has currently got AV’s testing on roads in 25 cities around the US and is leading the AV battle for first official AV supremacy.

Waymo is also embroiled in a $1.86 billion damage suit against Uber, claiming that Uber and Otomoto founder (ex Waymo engineer) orchestrated the theft of 14,000 documents, that was used to jump-start the Uber AV division in direct competition with Waymo.

The current state of AV investment shows Alphabet in partnership with Lyft, while Uber goes ahead alone but backed by SoftBank.

Uber, Lyft and the Autonomous Vehicle Race
(Haris_McMan) #2

This AV trial is where the real news is found. I don’t think the future of ridesharing is about Lyft and Uber prices versus Taxis. I think it will be about how autonomous vehicles slowly integrate into public life, replacing drivers. If Uber, Lyft and other taxi services have around a one and half million drivers working in the US, this means that by 2021 there will be 1.5 million unemployed added to the statistics. It also means that people who need to supplement income and are in the lower income bracket, will not have this “gig economy” to help them out. You do realize that 2021 is only 3 years away!