Again pax get revenge on driver


(Sue Cooper) #1

I rider got mad because she wanted to wind my window down and i told her she could but i will cut my AC off if she did. She reported my car being dirty. Uber never called asked for pictures noting just posted it on my negative comments.

(Donna Harris) #2

I guess we should ask pax before starting the trip how are the conditions of the car etc. So if they decide to change their story later on they can’t. I know it’s a stretch but I might keep them at bay.

(Michaela Biksacky) #3

Exactly and you as a driver have no recourse. Which is so wrong on many levels. I don’t drink but if one wants to say i appeared intoxicated i will be suspended based on that even though I’m not a drinker. Drivers have got do something to change this.

(Sheena Washington) #4

It’s not cool she reported you, but why wouldn’t you just let her roll her window down with the AC on? Am I missing something here?

(Brendan Halai) #5

Because that would be like running the Ac at home with the front door wide open. It defeats the purpose of using it

(William Murphy) #6

I leave my ac on all the time with my sun roof wide open. I don’t see what the big deal is. Doesn’t cost any more gas

(Graham Sandy) #7

I was a mechanic at one time. Although that was 25 years ago. It seems like I’m still stuck under a hood of one sometimes. Not sure what you drive and I will say that not all systems work the same. I will speak for my vehicle. I have the temp set where I want it and the air conditioner cycles on and off dependent on need. Yes, having a window down or cracked will let in some warm air and cause the ac to cycle more frequently. The gas mileage won’t be noticeable. Not for a 10 minute trip. However, HER CAR/HER RULES. Is it worth the 1/1,000 of a cent and putting up with PAX BS?

(Mathew Boolean) #8

The funny thing lieing is acceptable behavior in this society. Which means people no longer have integrity, morals, ethics, or conscience. My grandmother use to say a lier is a thief, and is a murderer. This says a lot about some of uber’s drivers and why all the negative press. So with that said i will consider the source when reading the comments.

(Trish Richardson) #9

Fuck that. Window down a/c off. A/c on windows up. Simple, nothing to argue about.

(Lance Rodriguez) #10

Unless the pax is a paying for a long ride. A couple minutes won’t matter. It’ll be over before she knew I turned it off :joy:

(Melinda Foster) #11

Next time i will wind all the windows down cut the ac off and call it a day. But she lied bottom line she lied.

(Bector Ernest) #12

I just don’t tell them if I cut it off. I also give an option before the ride. A/C on or do you want the windows down. If they crack the window I’m rolling my windows down and A/C off :joy: It is what it is.

(Kelly Hector) #13

It’s amazing what ppl tell you to do in your own car. What we eat, don’t make you shit. Run your business as you see fit.

(Jack Dolen) #14

Thats fine, but don’t bitch on Facebook about low ratings or pax so upset they make false reports. That is what you deserve if you want to power trip like that.

(Lisa Markee) #15

Not power tripping. I prefer not to blow cool air right out the window. Have great ratings and I treat my riders good. Don’t be so silly about air being on with the windows down. Just not smart, but good luck with that :grin:

(Christian Odom) #16

See a pattern??? … Just give up and work someplace else … This isn’t for you

(Brahim Decker) #17

Lmao. . The said thing if anything changes for the good because of people like me complaining you will also benefit. There should be a way to exclude you and others like you.

(Cody Parker) #18

Do you see a pattern? Thanks for your support to prove my point. Nothing is random.

(Marsha_Smith) #19

Nope . they aren’t random … They all involve you … I dont have that many problems with uber . you just like to find every little thing to complain about … Half the shit you bitch about is the least of the worries with uber

(Chris Stipe) #20

Guess what … I didnt bitch about the pax who didnt mark the right place … I went and got them and took their money and moved on in life