According to some people in this group it's ok of a man doesn't know how to change a tire

I think everyone should know how to change a tire…It’s very simple. Ive been changing tires since I was 15…my Dad and Step-Dad stressed to me how important it is to know how to change a tire…What if your phone dies on a dark street or u have no signal??smh

OK let you save your husband be riding and get a flat then he looks at you like are you gonna change it cuz I don’t know how

We would change it together if he didn’t know how. I don’t see what the big deal is. That’s why I have road side assistance.

It’s not too hard to figure out if you try. No one taught me how to change a light fixture without calling an electrician. I figured it out myself. With all of the resources available these days, there is no excuse to not know.

Everyone should know how to change a tire just like everyone should know how to cook something to eat. Basic living skills. I taught both of my kids.

Before I was able to take My Driving test my Dad taught me how to change a tire. Which I have had to do at least 3 times over the years

Everyone should know how to change a tire because that could happen to anyone. Some people however did not have a father or father figure to show them these things so they never did. You’ll be suprised how much that simple fact weighs in on a lot of these situations of what we think people should know how to do. It’s a lot easier to do it when someone takes the initiative to show you. But it’s up to individual from there to do what they have to do regardless…like youtube videos.

A woman showed me how to do everything that I know how to do concerning a car. That includes changing a tire, doing an oil change and a tune up. Couldn’t depend on a father figure. That concept is dead.

I literally begged every man in my life to show me how to change a tire. They all kept blowing me off. I showed my son and my daughter because it’s a life skill.

Lol a father figure had nothing to do with it. My dad wasn’t around but best believe my brother knows how to change a tire. He doesn’t event have roadside.

It really does have a huge affect on someone. Your brother just took the initiative to rise above that. Most things can be traced back to how people were raised and of course you have those that are overcomers.

This is true, how ever everyone don’t! So this is why we should help and teach each other! This is almost like saying every woman should know how to cook! Let’s not be sexist this morning!

Everyone SHOULD know how to cook. Doesn’t matter gender. You don’t have to be a chef but basics should be known.if you don’t know how to change a tire or cook and don’t have anyone to teach you, watch a Damn YouTube video.

It’s funny, because I just had this conversation with my Dad just two days ago. And I was telling him how I met several men who do not know how to do very basic things, that I always thought they should know. Not having a father in the home is not an excuse because my Father was raised by a Single Mother (in the 60s-70s) and she still made sure she she raised a Man. On that same note a lot of women have to learn how to do things because you never know when there’s not going to be a man around to help you I just changed my brake lights by myself without any assistance 2 weeks ago and I fixed my sun visors that would have been broken for awhile by going on YouTube save myself $300.

I have a 2007 Honda Civic. But to be honest you probably can use the video to fix any car visor. Let me see if I can find the video for you real quick

I went to Home Depot originally to get the screws but they didn’t work. So I ordered the screws offline with Lowe’s and went and pick them up in the store it literally took 20 minutes or so to do both visors once I got my parts and tools together.

Everyone should know how to change a tire, but don’t put down someone that doesn’t.

Everyone should be able to figure out damn near any basic skill in this day and age though. All you have to do is be willing to find the information.

Or if you really don’t want to learn, there’s AAA.

I get that but even with a dead phone problems can be solved. I had several car emergencies before the mass proliferation of cell phones and didn’t just sit there on the side of the road waiting for Death to take me

I don’t know why it’s someone else’s business what another driver does or doesn’t know how to do.I know how to change a tire, but pushing 53, I choose not to. I call my roadside assist and if my phone dies, no worries, that’s what the emergency button on my rear view mirror is for. I swear y’all choose the pettiest things to post about. Too. Much. Time. On. Your. Hands.

And a month ago, I pushed my son’s car when it broke down. Just last week I climbed a 20 foot ladder then another 10 feet up into a tree to put a baby bird back in the nest when the storm disrupted it. I also didn’t need help from anyone. So your point is? My point is, you don’t have the right to judge what others can or cannot do. If you paid as much attention to yourself as you do others, you might know the difference between tractor and tracker.