Accidental Lyft Pullover Reveals Criminal Gang in VA

A Lyft driver was pulled over on early Monday morning by police in Prince George County, VA for a broken headlight. During the initial exchange with the driver regarding her headlight, the police were suspicious of the passengers and under orders to step out, that were immediately apprehended for possessing 3.4 lbs. our marijuana, a loaded 9mm handgun with ammo, and packaging materials. The culprits also held $6,600 in cash.

Screenshot-2018-2-3 Lyft traffic stop yields drugs, loaded gun, and $6,600 cash(2)Screenshot-2018-2-3 Lyft traffic stop yields drugs, loaded gun, and $6,600 cash(1)Screenshot-2018-2-3 Lyft traffic stop yields drugs, loaded gun, and $6,600 cash

The female Lyft driver is not a suspect in the police and was not held. The arrested three males are 20 years old Denard Farrish Jr, of Triangle, 19-year-old Wilson Doswell IV, of Dumfries, and 20-year-old Isaiah Gordon, of Dumfries. They were booked and are held at Riverside Regional Jail

I am amazed that the cops managed to get these guys out of the car without a gun fight. I also think the Lyft driver is either very brave, very stupid, very lucky or very clever…which one do you think fits the bill?