A warning to make sure that people are taking care of themselves as drivers

I was going back and forth on whether to post this or not, but I was told I should. This is not being written for sympathy in any way.

I am typically a very healthy eater…I was a vegetarian for 15 years and a pescatarian for the last 5 years. I eat really healthy about 75% of the time. But since I have had to hustle more with Uber this year my eating habits have gotten worst and I have not been exercising the way I should. I am currently 5-11 175lbs 39yo
And mostly a healthy energetic active young man.

Well today, after having some really tight leg issues and leg pain I decided it was probably just a strained muscle and like the typical man I was just gonna go play thru it. Now I was only out there for doubles for maybe 15 min…next thing I know…I am waking up on the court with blood everywhere. I had passed out bust my chin wide open and scrapped up all my limbs

I already had a genetic defect that cause me kidney issues but that is not the tale of this story. We sit for long hours, are always chasing the $, grabbing what we can to eat when we can and mostly it’s not healthy foods. Can/Rideshare drivers tend to be over weight, do less exercise​, inclined to be diabetic, have high blood pressure and kidney issues because we don’t always #GoPee when we should or have a place to do so. So my post about having to piss in cups and shit…well it was a real concern for me because as I go into kindey failure I have urgency and sometimes it just won’t wait

But my blood pressure is thru the roof, my cholesterol is high, and they are currently running other test to see if it was dehydration, blood clots or a heart issue.

Extreme A type personality, masochistic, overly analytical and hot headed lead to a very Stressful existence​ for me. And I am sure that contributes to it all.

I say a this to say… Live life. Stop being negative. Be positive. Be what you want out of life. Live what you want out of life. Lately I have been eating horribly because it was quick and easy. Guys and Gals…eat healthier. Exercise. Even if it’s only walking 30 mins a day. Get out of the Car a d take breaks instead of sitting for 8-10-12 hrs a day… At least an hour minimum. I know this is long but I really want everyone to understand the need to take care of your mental health and your physical health. Hope you guys are out there making money$$$ while I sit here looking like a Cyborg lol until they get all this shit off me…I’m at hour number 6 and I’ll be here thru tomorrow evening probably… :fist::heart:

I’m glad you said it. While people may eat right, the sitting is not good for the body. Especially for those that sit more than 8-10 hours in addition to sleeping. It’s not enough movement and causes blood circulation issues and clots.

One of my friend bought me a lil cooler to put my food in it. I snack on carrots and nuts and have a supply of water. Sometimes I have fruit like apples, oranges, bananas, and grapes. When it’s slow I walk around in stores

Wow I hope you feel better. I sure have been thinking about this lately. Rideshare sure isn’t good for my health. I have to get proactive.

Take some time out from rideshare bro, go get some self-care, enjoy your time. Not saying you don’t like driving but just take some time for you. I pray your health gets better. I pray that your body is fully restored.

La-Mont, take care of yourself! They need like a Ride Share mom who runs around with fruit, veggies, smart water, green tea and granola bars…Hmmmm, another side hustle maybe?

It’s been on my mind alot too! I’ve gain and tonight my chest went to hurting with shock. I’ve never felt that before, I’m a P.T nurse, so this definetly scares me. A family member just gave me a exercise plan. My feet is always swollen now. Must do better!

We were just talking about swollen feet. Not drinking enough water and sitting to long. My feet hurt from the swelling.

I’ve bn on a 20g net carb per day diet for a year now so I always pack my lunch and snacks to take with me when I do rideshare since most fast food joints don’t offer carb free food items… as far as kidney trouble, I had a bout with stones a few years bck… doc told me to limit my calcium intake and drink at least a gal a day of water and electrolytes, yes it’s very annoying having to constantly stop at gas station bathrooms but since I’ve been doing this, (I still hv the stones, they never did pass) I no longer experience renal colic and the stones don’t bother me… get well soon🤗

I always think about sitting for long hours…If you need a listening ear…feel free to hit me up. I will keep you in my thoughts and Prayers.

Hope you feel better soon… When I was driving a lot, but still just on weekends I gained a lot of weight. I’ve lost almost 30lb since the begging of April when I stopped driving so much and focusing more on my health, its very important, too many people in This group have had major health issues because of driving so much and not taking care of themselves.
We don’t want to be having a meet up at someone’s funeral, y’all please do what you need to do to take care of self!!

Wow, and sadly I work at the airport, we have funerals regularly :cry:…heart attacks, strokes, traveling clots…cancer

All big businesses care about is money, it’s really sad. Instead of caring about the people they employ, they just look at them as numbers that are easily replaced… Imagine how different life would be if employees actually cared about people…

Hey I feel.you since I been doing this I been working out a lot less and my physical fitness has really declined glad you posted it my wife said there are more thing important then money specially when it comes to your health. God bless you brother and speedy recovery

Man, I take a 2 day break and you hit me wit dis??? Good to see you are in good spirits and positive. Never even met ya and I feel my Brothers pain! We gone beat this!

I agree!! I never had any type of health issues prior to Ubering, but was rushed to the hospital about 3 am after getting in from Ubering around 2am Saturday morning. They said it may have been panic attacks, because the few test that they did came back fine, but I still have to go to a cardiologist to be on the safe side. I was struggling to breathe and I was trembling, very scary. And I know I was over doing it and I have worked out in 4 months due to hustling so much… Lesson learned!!! Pray that you feel better sooooon!!!

Great post hope you feel better. Prayers going up. Confession: I know holding your pee is not good I have always done it since a teenager so the saying you know better you do better ugggg. I don’t drive long hours but I find myself doing McDonald’s run when I do drive and I know that’s not good either my cheap self don’t get much though a $1 sandwich, small fry no salt and a cup of water. Lol.

Get well soon. I definitely need to take heed to your advice. I keep saying that I’m going to buy compression socks…i really need to be more proactive when it comes to my health.

Praying for a speedy recovery, that’s why I take a break and do some under eats even tho they don’t pay much but I mainly do it for the exercise and gas money at least the blood circulation is moving getting in and out walking up the stairs to deliver food!

Thanks for sharing!! It’s the encouragement I needed to get back to exercising. I am eating right but exercise needs to be added.
Thanks again and I pray you get well soon!!!