A warning to make sure that people are taking care of themselves as drivers


(Christian Odom) #21

I am stuck here for another day or two lol. They are running test to uncover the cause. Grady has been Amazing. The Doctors have been Amazing. I woke up to be transferred to single room (yaay). Take care of your bodies guys…I am an ex-smoker (ironic being that I have been advocating healthy eating and lifestyle for 20 years) but hoping that is not playing a part in this. They are thinking it is/was a blood clot. Gotta do heart and lung imaging and more blood work etc… But I feel good accept for a little soreness after I hit the pavement on the court like a rock lol. Anyways. Just saying her and had time to read thru the comments… This group isn’t all shits and giggles :heart:️:money_mouth_face::grin: I really appreciate your well wishes… I’ll be back to the same old dogged button pusher soon enough lol

(Brahim Decker) #22

My heart goes out to you. I’m a 13 year nurse and holistic health consultant and I specialize in detoxing the body mind and spirit through positive psychology and lifestyle nutrition. I would love to chat and help you out and I have some free coaching I would like to offer. .

(Cody Parker) #23

It’s all love, inbox me when you’re ready to chat and thanks for being transparent about your situation. People really need to hear this.