A New Rideshare concept

(Jeffery D Lunn) #1

Hello Rideshare Drivers,

Looking to garner some feedback, on a new concept for rideshare drivers, and regardless of current rideshare affiliation i.e. Uber/Lyft. As a former Operations Manager for a large taxi-cab company, I have personally witnessed the negative impact on once was a healthy industry. See my new narrative below…

• What if there was a simple to use mobile app, unlimited mobile apps that could be easily distributed by
the driver, to current and future cash retail customers?
• Rather than paying 25-30% of hard earned income to rideshare companies, would a rideshare driver pay
a fixed modest low-monthly app hosting fee of $2.00 per day?
• Would most rideshare drivers recognize the value of such a concept and actively promote their own white
label mobile app, realizing substantial cost reductions as a rideshare operator?

Looking forward to discussing this concept, thank you and as always, STAY SAFE out there!!!

(Bick Bhangoo) #2

Sure. Drivers will love it. But have you developed it? Are you sure you would be able to maintain the system with this low return?