A baby is in that carseat!

I have been driving Uber and Lyft for about 4 months now. I have had 2 different Pax tell me that one of our local driver’s regularly has his wife with him while driving. One of them said they have even had to sit on laps in the small back seat while his wife rode in the front until he dropped her off. The passengers then moved seats and continued the ride. Today I had to use an Uber to go pick up my car. This driver had the same name that was mentioned to me before. It was my adult son and myself waiting for the ride. We walked up to the car and I seen a car seat in the back. I thought that maybe he had a seat for Pax with kids to use. So my son got into the back and I got into the front. I turned my head to look in the back and A BABY IS IN THAT CARSEAT!!! My son told me that she threw her toy at him and during the trip it started to smell a little poopy. Now I’m not a baby hater or anything but what if it was 4 riders? What if she had been crying the entire drive? I know it’s against the Uber TOS. I’m curious as to what are your thoughts as fellow driver’s?

This is in direct violation of terms of service. We are not supposed to bring ANYONE with us for rides on either platform if they’re not a paying customer. It’s a safety thing primarily but makes riders uncomfortable and doesn’t leave room for the 4 riders we’re supposed to be able to take. That should be reported.

I recently took an Uber to work, 2nd Uber I’ve ever taken. The female driver had a male passenger in the front seat that she never introduced or mentioned. Not only that, but her car was destroyed, seats torn, trash everywhere. As a driver, i was pissed. Never said anything to the driver but immediately let Uber customer service know and got refunded for my ride. Honestly, if she would’ve introduced him and explained her reasoning I probably wouldn’t have gave a shit, but radio silence? nahhhh uncomfortable. I didn’t even mention how she was weaving through traffic /eyeroll

Now I understood her low rating… but how do people get away with doing that so often? Am I trying too hard as a driver? lol

Riders need to report issues like this and Über needs to INVESTIGATE these type of issues instead of just giving refunds.

That’s crazy, I only drive on the weekends so I take my car to the wash and clean it inside and out before I even think of going online

Deactivation is the only solution. This driver doesn’t get the Rideshare concept. Uber is clear about this. No passengers that don’t come from the app.

They rent 4 seats not three and one for your man because your scared to drive alone or he’s too controlling to let you go alone.

There’s a guy in my area that was always taking his fiancé with him. I guess someone finally reported him and he got deactivated. Several of us told him he wasn’t allowed to bring her along but he didn’t care, so that’s on him.

Yeah my friends aunt was here for a couple of months she would bring her daughter and I told them it wasn’t allowed. They said they didn’t care if they got deactivated. It sorta pissed me off because when my gf first started or myself it would have been nice to ride along but we follow rules. Smh. I hate entitled people who just don’t give a crap.

me too! I never took my husband along and I drove primarily late nights for the first few months of driving. If you can’t handle it, you need to be doing something different.

I took my bestie out with me once, for about an hour and i stayed close to our homes. She had a backup in place in case i had to dump her for more room or a long trip. She went on two rides with me because she was thinking about becoming a driver. In my defense, i too was new and didn’t know it was against TOS, but did wonder about a 4th pax lol, which is why i limited the time & distance.

Should report her to cps. We dont know who we are picking up. And you have a complete stranger in the back seat with you baby smh

I picked up a group of 6 before and they said that they had to sit on laps cuz the driver brought a friend. Yes that is a violation. Plus i would think it would kill there rating.

This guy has a 4.85 and tons of great feedback. The 2 pax I had spoken to about him had no idea it was against TOS just thought it was odd, so they did not report him. My husband is actually the one who ordered the Uber for me today since he had some Visa reward credits so he did report him.

Being the devils advocate, what if a child molester was in the backseat with that child. POOR JUDGEMENT ON THE DRIVER.

What if he picked up a crazy pax and he molested his baby or smacked or pinched it. Or worse. Idiot ass parent that driver is. Also if i was the pax and the baby shit it’s diaper I’d be pissed beyond recognition, that stuff reeks

It isn’t the crying, the potential 4 pax, or the poop smell that concerns me. It’s the fact that we are allowing total strangers into my car while I’m behind the wheel, making it difficult & dangerous to try & protect my child if someone tried something. It’s the fact that, whether some wish to admit it or not, we’re extremely vulnerable doing what we do because we never know who we’re picking up. There isn’t a chance in hell that an infant should be placed in such an unsafe situation.

And for that reason, I’d report him to uber. I’m not one to judge what another driver does (including having his wife with him. Against TOS, but they’re grown adults & not my problem.), but when it comes to a child’s safety, that’s when I’ll speak up.

I have never done any of this as driver. I have maintained my car . I clean it regularly. I rank passengers 5 stars almost always. Lyft deactivates me and keeps these creeps?

I’m not sure why a driver would create a situation like that. You know that front seat is open to accomidate a fourth adult, picking up two couples, where the hell is the fourth person PAYING for the ride supposed to sit? Oh hell no.
Wouldnt you be pissed if you called for a ride and the driver couldnt accomidate the request without putting a stranger on his spouses lap?

I admit I have taken my girl a few times in the beginning. This is because at the time we weren’t spending much time together do to work requirements. But I we soon realized that the time will come soon when there isn’t enough room in the car for four pax, so we decided it’s best to leave her home.