90% of new drivers don’t make it to one year

Both Lyft & Uber spend copious quantities of cash on advertising for “New Drivers”, as well as, offering bonuses for referrals. Why? Because 90% of new drivers don’t make it to one year. Maybe Lyft and Uber should invest in their drivers by doing the following:

  1. When a driver hits the one year mark, give them a raise by only taking 20% instead of 25%.

  2. Increase the waiting time reimbursement 2 fold in every market/platform.

  3. Create a Driver Advocate Team to assist drivers who have been deactivated or to assist them with any issue they may have.

  4. Create waiting lists for new drivers where the market(s) are saturated with drivers already.

I truly believe the above would create a more stable driver base.

I’ve heard reports as high as 97 percent of drivers don’t last a year. Lyft and Uber are on the race to the bottom price, trying to disrupt the taxi market and rid other rideshare competition.

Uber has shown a loss for seven years and has yet to find a way to turn a profit. They give away the farm to investors and we are they chickens they lead to slaughter.

You make very valid points and suggestions.

You are correct in that, over a year ago Travis said the turnover rate was 97% per year, in a major magazine article

The quality of our government school system has declined drastically in the last 30 years. Just look at where we rank in the world.

You get paid miles and minutes, not a percentage of anything. After you are paid, you are correct to an extent, Uber takes 100% of what is left after paying you.

They take a percentage of the total amount they charge the riders for time and miles before paying you. They keep part of the base and all the booking fee and do not pay drivers anything on that. You can see it in the breakdown of what rider pays compared to what you are payed

ABSOLUTELY they do, they just call it something else, trust me your getting a small amount for everything involved for us, they are making millions

It would be nice… but they plan on replacing us with driverless cars asap. Most drivers may last 3 months so until the driverless cars come we are just temporary. That’s why I created a site to help drivers until that happens.

So many drivers say the driverless cars won’t happen. I think it will happen sooner than later.
That was the whole thought that Über and Lyft had in the beginnings.

But I truly believe fully autonomous vehicles are years away and have to believe both Lyft and Uber know this. Sure, there will testing and even some deployment in certain markets on s limited basis. Too many rules, regs and red tape will also slow the progress. Not to mention public perception and acceptance.

Uber can “ around” state laws governing driverless cars. They are big enough in the Corp world to pay the way to make it happen.

I believe if it’s cheap enough, people will go for it.
Just like cabs, public transportation vs Über.
There will be a few hold outs but my opinion says people just want a ride to where they are going… the cheaper less hassle the better.

You can produce documented ideas for the pros and cons. However the reality is, as soon as technology can produce the driverless car… that will be the end of the discussion.

I guess we can agree to disagree.

I will agree that it will eventually happen, but say 10-15 years from now and even then not in all markets.

Too many things have to happen right for autonomous vehicles to be widespread.

Well me for one will never get in one, anything can go wrong and I’d prefer to have a human behind the wheel everytime

If you drive for Lyft or Uber or use the service as a rider please take a minute to read and sign this Petition,
We are asking for equal pay and better safety features, We only want to be treated fairly, Thank you for taking the time.

Both companies are stupid paying money to hire more drivers keep the drivers happy

Agreed. But saturating the market so riders never have to wait and keeping the cost down lower than most cab fares is kind of their schtick. I slowed down Ubering and I Lyft more just because there are less Lyft drivers in our little neck of the woods. So opportunity for fares is better for this spot. Ya do what you need to do. Ya know? :smiley: Cheers.

Another point to consider is the premise that by lowering rates to the rider will somehow decimate the taxi industry. This can only happen in a cashless society. The 1973 movie, Soylent Green was about just that, a cashless world. While there has been considerable efforts to that end, it hasn’t materialized.

There will always be a debate, time will tell whom is right.

Never happen in NJ, And after it happens in New York than every New York driver will be in New Jersey not just to 10,000 that are here normally