2019 DoorDash Sign Up Bonus Was $1500 For 150 Deliveries Now $750 For 200 Deliveries

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Come on Doordash please stop changing your sign up bonus so fast. The bonus was up to $1500 for about half a month when 2019 started. That was just for 150 deliveries. But now it has been dropped to $750 for 200 deliveries. The new bonus seems a bit hard to achieve as I have seen that most of the drivers hardly do the 150 deliveries.

Enough about the new 2019 doordash sign up bonus. Begin the good and bad story time.

  1. Lmao. Just delivered a bunch of Wendy’s chicken nuggets and tenders to this house.

A little girl looked out the window at me and started screaming “The chicken man is here mama!”

  1. Address confusion. Has anyone ever had issues with the map sending you to a completely different address to deliver after hitting route from the app?? Tonight I pick up an order and hit route, it sends me past the actual address by about ten minutes. I get to the destination and close GPS and jump out, then I noticed the house number is not the same so I hit route again and it goes back to the wrong address and says I’m at the house, I call the customer cause sometimes the map is outdated and maybe she’s a block over or a new culdesac, whatever… She starts telling me she is across from the golf course and since I dash where I’ve always lived I’m like wait what? I hit route AGAIN and again it goes to the wrong address so I had to manually put her address in to make the app with correctly. She was very nice and didn’t get bothered it made me late for delivery. Just a heads up, double check the address when you go to GPS. Then it wouldn’t let me confirm delivery either so I had to chat with an agent so they could manually mark it delivered. That was my last dash for the night, wasted a lot of time!

  2. Got a DD order for Carr’s restaurant today in Tacoma. I show up…wait in line to say I’m here to pick up an order…only for them to tell me the food has been sitting there for an hour…I didn’t know, I arrived 5 minutes before it was supposed to be ready…they said they’ll have to remake it and they’re gonna call the customer and tell them they have to pay for the food again…not sure why…after waiting another 30 minutes…I was told the customer said nevermind…rant over. I hate wasting time.

  3. Best story ever today had a Chipotle run, the guy had to rice bowls I asked the merchant is everything good to go he says yes I even put napkins sauce Etc. The drop off location was at a gas station. I dropped off the bag walk back outside guy says do you have the other Bowl? I said oh man​:thinking::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: my rating​:disappointed_relieved: first he calls Chipotle then I called Chipotle he tipped me $10 and chipotle made me an extra Rice Bowl to come back​:pray::star_struck:

  4. So I just dropped off an order and the customer tells me that she ordered 20mins ago from the same place and her food never showed up…Wth are these Dashers out here doing? To steal from someone who is paying you to deliver their food to them is just straight up disgusting! You are a thief! Period! Making all of us other Dashers look bad! So remember what comes around goes around!

  5. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:a story from McDonald order
    I received an order from McDonald order which was about 5 miles away. Arrived at the store, I tried to be cool on everything till the payment. God!!! My card got declined which happened twice times in this month. I tried other cards ( I have like 10 of them) and for each one, I went register on the app. But nothing could work. I spend another 45ms on chat w support. And he asked if I could pay by my credit card. Hell no bae!!! I don’t want my reimbursement taxed Which is not fair and shouldn’t happen to anyone. Then I asked for reimbursement since I couldn’t finish this and he just unassigned that order from me. Everything sounded good but till now, where the hell is my reimbursement?

Just talked a bit for fun though since I keep chatting w support tomorrow for my $4.36 :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

They’ve basically blocked red card payment, which is completely legal. No business HAS to accept any specific form of payment.
It will also affect anyone else who carries a red card. Not sure how widespread that may be.

So I was told to go ahead an accept the order then to call dd an tell them to call the customer an have them cancel there order an then reorder it so it goes to a different Dasher an then we don’t look are bonus pay if it’s done like that straight from dd representative cause I’ve had bonus start an I was sent three orders in a row all 25 miles away an then one time it was to the same restaurant back to back but different orders lol haven’t been able to try it yet though

A story for newbies * lessons learned*

I had been dashing for a few months, had about 250 deliveries, so I was still fairly new but pretty comfortable at doing it.
I was coming upon the end of my shift, and I got my first order for a Panda Express. I’ve NEVER have eaten there, so I have no clue as to what I’m getting myself into. I go to the counter and let them know I’m there to pick up an order and the guy; I’m assuming the manager because he’s middle-aged and everyone else looked like teenagers, asks what the name order was. I tell him and because his English isn’t that good I show him my phone. He starts preparing it, and I go grab some cutlery and napkins, etc. When he lets me know he’s finished I meet him at the register to pay. I go over the list of items ordered, and he says yes and repeats them. Cool.
I make it to the delivery address, and it’s an apartment building. After driving around, I finally locate the correct building number and of course, it’s on the 3rd floor. And just so you newbies know, it’s a Federal crime to order food delivery if you live on the 1st or 2nd floor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Anyway, I find the apartment drop off the hot food happy customer.
As I’m halfway down the stairs before I get to complete the order the customer is calling me saying the order isn’t right. She was supposed to get 4 Rangoon(something like that), and she only got 1 or 2. I had counted cartons and didn’t open, so I had no way of verifying. I apologized and said I’d go back to correct. I drove the 10 min back to correct it. I told the manager, and he went and “corrected” the order. I get back to the apartment, and the customer says it’s STILL not the amount she paid for. I apologize and offer to go back, and she says I don’t worry we have problems with that place sometimes too. With a smile she says it’s not your fault, don’t worry about it. Cool.
Before that call I was sitting on a 5.0, 30 minutes later my rating dropped significantly by .5 or something.
Lessons learned.
*people will smile in your face and offer kind words and still rate you poorly.
*once a mistake is made, this is not a business where people reward your problem-solving skills. People remember the mistake, not what you did to correct it.
*it helps to know the menus of the restaurants if possible…
*By the same token, it helps to understand the process customers go through if you yourself order using Door Dash.
*Once an order is swiped ‘complete’ there’s very little you can do to change the outcome for the better.
This happened a few years back when they were using the old pay scale.

Stupid idiot story of the day
So I’m Dashing, and I get an order for chipotle. This was around lunchtime, so of course, you all know how crazy busy chipotle is at lunchtime. They have a line literally wrapped around the restaurant and at LEAST 6 plus people waiting for their online orders. I had been waiting there for maybe 10 minutes, but it was cool bc I was getting paid at least 10 for a mile or so trip, so I was chilling lol. This asshole walks up suddenly to the cash register and starts cussing at the cashier saying he has an online order and he has been waiting longer than 5 minutes. He was going on about if it is online why should he have to wait and he was making a scene when really he didn’t need to.
Meanwhile my dumbass under my breath was like it’s just food chill the f out, and he heard me and got in my face. I just walked to the other side to wait bc I’m not getting into it with a guy over some damn food fr. This guy continues to yell and demand a refund for waiting too long. His did too much over some food and for only waiting 5 minutes like chill df out. This other guy that was waiting comes up and starts saying for him to calm down and the guy making a scene almost got in a fight with the guy that said to chill out. Everybody now is just waiting to see what happens lol.
So I finally get my food, and this guy is taking down the managers name and going to complain to corporate and shit. As I’m walking out, a fucking police officer walks in. This guy Called 911 because he was waiting for his food to long. I could hear him bitching to the 911 operator, and they sent a policeman over. What has this world come to lol guy was pathetic as hell over some damn food.

So last night I was doing an order at a restaurant called BJs where I met a fellow dasher. We were both waiting on orders for 30+ mins which caused management to offer both of us complimentary meals that weren’t over 15 bucks. So the other dasher decided to get pissed off and refused the free meal because he felt that it didn’t make up for his time. So finally our doordash orders were ready, and we both proceeded to our cars. Meanwhile, as we are putting the orders in the car, I noticed this guy was picking through the order he had and placing items in his trunk. So as I get ready to get in my car. He stops me and tells me that I should take what I want from the customer’s bag to make up for my wasted time. Basically, I’m just baffled at the fact that there are dashers eating people food and stealing orders. Idk what gave some of you the impression that it is ok, but it’s absolutely not. Why would a person want to fiddle around in someone’s food? This world never ceases to amaze me.

Hey Doordash family! I’ve been in this forum for some months now and read all your comments, opinions, and insight which has helped me tremendously.

I would just like to really direct this towards all of you but mainly to my ladies. Last Tuesday I was attacked and almost dragged into an alley while I was waiting for an order to finish up (10:30 pm) Got there 10 minutes early, and they advised me ten more minutes. Long story short after I got out my car to head back into the restaurant…not even five steps later a couple of hard punches to my left side of my head…his intention was to get me on the floor. I won’t get into too much detail but just know I fought for my life. Only reason I am living right now is because I was able to stab him. Twice!

This is just to say this. Please just carry some type of weapon. Don’t make it obvious but depending on what area you are in…it is a must. Sad to say anyone can be a target. And it sucks, but 5 ft tall and all I got out of that situation like a champ. I am traumatized, and I know it will take a while for some mental clarity, but that’s okay. Just thought ide share my experience with you’ll and please be safe. You all are beautiful!