1800+ rides first year driving. Facts to deal with

  1. I will run into prejudiced people.
  2. I will be sexually harassed.
  3. Assault is a real possibilty.
  4. I will not like every rider and they will not all like me.
    The more we drive, the more of all things we will see. If we can’t handle the public then this is the wrong thing. There is no supervisor in the car to save you.

Out of 1800 rides I only ran into 3 people I would never want to see again. Hope this year is blessed also.

At the end of the day you not believing me speaks more about the person you are then the person you are pretending to be. Sorry you choose not to understand or believe me.

getting hit on by gay men or loose women who just want to get all over you while you are just trying to work and am already married. Women who are pushy and don’t know how to take no for an answer that you don’t want to go up to their room with them or come out to whatever party or bar that you’re dropping them off at. These have all happened to me. It’s annoying. Men are not exempt

lol are you one of those progressive males who thinks that coddling fem Nazis makes you more of a man somehow? Grow some balls and open your eyes to the facts… Harassment happens to both men and women and it is an unfortunate fact of the world we live in today. Any number of stupid ass videos on YouTube isn’t going to make you look any smarter.

Are you unclear on the meaning of the words? I will send you mt paypal and you can pay for tutoring.

Grown ass man trolling on the internet during a sexual harassment post. Man what are the odds…

Are you all seriously questioning this? Women proposition men ALL THE TIME and are super aggressive about it.

I’ve found that riders at night are much better behaved when there is a dash cam recording them.

What a male thing to say. You have no idea how much more often than you women are harassed and assaulted. No clue.

No disrespect but dont make this a fem nazi post. I get sexually harrased fairly regular when I do late night driving lets just both agree its messed up and it shouldnt happen to anybody.

Yeah Yeah women will always get shit for speaking up but men can spew their oblivious bullshit allllllll day long. I’m well aware of how you work.

Definitely ignore that women deal with far more. And this man’s original post is a piggy back on the feminist discussion that has been going on in this group for 2 days so this comment does belong.

No I’m addressing you trying to silence me for having a non male opinion.

My comment was made in this post about this post and i didnt attempt to silence you I actually agreed that its horrible and shouldnt happen to anybody so why are you once again making this about women and not a problem for both sexes?

What is with men today saying the same shit happens to both sexes?? Unreal.

Ive been sexually harrased its happens often sorry that me being a man makes my claim bullshit to you…

So now the frequency is your problem with my claim you are just as horrible as the men you claim harass women and get away with it. Im so sick of people just blowing me off saying oh no its only an issue for women fuck how a man feels when it happens to us right?

All this dude said was he gets sexually harassed, which DOES happen to men. Like it does…so is he not aloud to speak of it because we may or may not have it worse?

See thats my only issue with fem nazis they begin to take on the persona of everything they stand against and dont even realize it. Overall its really shitty human beings who harass and treat people certain ways male female black or white shouldnt matter the problem is people who think any type of harassment is ok!

Had a drunk guy try to sexually assault me. Shit happens. Other people have been robbed and assaulted. Look up cabbie statistics and crime and decide if you really want to do this.