12 Tips to increase your Uber/Lyft passenger rating

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There are many articles about Uber driver ratings, its time now to discuss Uber passenger ratings. The main difference between ride-sharing and taxi’s is the application interface. Ride-sharing is about building a client base for drivers, where one driver will work with many repeat customers. Just as a customer will prefer a good driver, so too will drivers prefer a good customer. In this instance, a good customer is someone that is courteous, on time and non-problematic. Here are twelve tips on how to raise your passenger rating, making you a five-star client, something which will give you quicker responses whenever seeking an Uber driver, anywhere in the world.

Rule Number 1: This is not a tip, it’s a rule: Treat your driver with respect.

Apart from the fact that your driver is a human being, with emotions and issues just as everyone else. You should also remember, you are sitting in a car with a driver at the wheel. Your safety is the driver’s concern, you don’t want to be involved in an accident, and you don’t want to piss off another person that is meant to be helping you reach your destination.

Here are some tips to raise your rating

Tip # 1: Pick-up and Drop off Locations: When placing a request, try to give an exact location. This means typing in an exact address and even choosing a site that will make driver access easier.The last thing you want is an irate driver having to navigate through small side streets only to find that he/she cannot park in front of your pick-up point or that they are not facing the direction of the destination. By picking an easier pick up point, you assure both the driver and yourself of a prompt and seamless pickup.Sometimes it might be prudent to call the driver to give them some more details of where you will be waiting, such as “Standing outside the HSBC Bank Entrance on 5th Avenue and 32nd Street”.

Tip #2: Cancelling on time: After you make a request and suddenly realize you cannot or do not need the ride, please cancel the ride as soon as possible. The sooner you cancel the ride, the less distance the driver needs to cover, and you also don’t get charged a cancellation fee when going over the accepted cancellation time. When traffic is critical, such as in surge periods, the last thing a driver wants is your cancellation fee.

Tip #3: Timing: It’s plausible that you will be late to pick up a pint.Things happen, so just let your driver know, either send an SMS or better still call him and tell him. Drivers don; mind waiting a 30 seconds or so, but once you are late by over a minute, t causes concern. Usually, drivers will call their customer when they arrive and don’t see anyone. However, it is better for you to call them beforehand. Drivers have a waiting time limit after which they drive off. If you intend to take the ride, it would be a shame to miss it, and also ruin your rating too.

Tip #4: Seating Speed: When you see the car, don’t keep the driver waiting, just ask him if he is your ride-share driver if he is, gets in the car as quickly as possible. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask.

Tip #5: Seat Choice: While this is not a flight, choosing your seat does have an impact on the driver. If you sit in the front, it means you want to engage in conversation with the driver. If you don’t intend to open up in conversation with the driver, then sit in the back. Sitting in the back is also a must if you are accompanied by a minor, a pet or another passenger that came with you.

Tip #6: Social Skills: There are some issues you have to remember when riding in a ride-share car. First of all, don’t bring sloppy or smelly food. The last thing you want is to fill the car up with unwanted smells and no food stains either. If you are wearing cologne or perfume, don’t spray on too much, and definitely, don’t spray any on you while you are in the car.The olfactory choice is a personal taste; not everyone will like every smell out there.

Tip #7: Comfort Control: If you are uncomfortable with the temperature (AC) or entertainment system (ES) noise level, just ask your driver politely to adjust whatever is bothering you. Do not reach out and touch the ES or the AC; this is not your property.

Tip #8: Respectability: When seated in a car, try not to talk too loud and too much, consider the driver’s state of mind. Also, do not use the cell phone all the trip, it’s impolite to ignore the driver completely, and do not shout over the cellphone. If you are sharing a car with another passenger, even if they annoy you, just remain calm and try to enjoy the ride.The driver will notice if something is amiss and will try to help you.

Tip #9: Content: If you do like to chat, don’t pick rude or offensive subjects and try not to draw in or be drawn into an argument. Sometimes it’s OK to disagree.

Tip #10: GPS aid: Even if you know the route better than anyone else, don’t replace the GPS. Let the driver know you know the way and offer instructional help, but let the driver use the GPS. Its always good to keep all options open. Also, you don’t know if your driver knows the route as good as you do, he is a driver after all.

Tip #11: Tipping and Thanking: At the end of a trip, tip the driver, even a small amount is a sign of recognition. Also, it doesn’t hurt to say Thank You. Positive feedback binds drivers, imagine getting into a car with a happy driver rather than an irate one.

Tip #12: Rating: Just like you, the driver wants to be rated. If you rate the driver well, it will also add to your prestige amongst drivers. Of course, don’t rate a driver well if he isn’t.

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