Your pet peeves while driving

What are your pet peeves while driving?

Mine is when a pax hops in the car and tries to eat in the backseat. Nah bruh thats a no go.

i hate when they try to vape/e-sig. Don’t be funky, I have a hound dog’s nose The ones who wanna talk your damn ear off pisses me off lol . Slamming the door and smelling like weed

Had a guy order and Uber pool while he was carrying. Got super nervous and was begging me to cancel the next rider while complaining it was hot/turn the AC up/roll down the windows. Lol nah bro if you don’t want to potentially ride with an off duty cop maybe you shouldn’t order a pool ride while you’re carrying.

Folks trying to treat me like a servant. It’s an $8.00 Uber not your personal limo. Don’t mind people eating, drinking or vaping…nobody is just gonna smoke in your car unless you ok it…I hate when they tell you their own directions

“Can we stop at Taco Bell?” :angry: If I got paid more while we waited, it would be fine, but no miles basically means no money to me. I don’t care how quickly you got in and out of there, you’re wasting my time.

That is my pet peeve too and if they sit behind me when No one else is in the car!! I hate it when they get in and argue with each other the whole time or they on the phone being loud arguing with someone it’s like they need the whole world to know there business

I hate when they give me the same directions as the gps. Like you can see it and hear it. You repeating it a third time is more confusing than helpful. Makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong lol. If I have a question I’ll ask.

Extremely loud phone talkers or loud video players. Pax who breathe audibly and those who sniff the entire ride instead of blowing their nose before entering.

Mainly eating without asking me. Honestly anyone requesting music even though that’s probably unrealistic. :joy:

I don’t listen to the radio and whenever some one asks me to play radio music on the inside I’m like maaaaaan this is whack as fuck you should just let me turn you onto some new shit :sweat_smile:

I just had a pax get pissed at me because of time but you ordered a pool. And demanding a refund. Why order pool if you know you need to be on time to work?!

The stank ones that leave a lingering smell. I do the same but it sometimes don’t work I had someone give me a bad rating saying that it was a weird smell and my car is brand new smh

Asking do I have an aux. Dropping off “tricks and hoes” and they’re skeptical of the location so they ask me to wait for them… I’m not a fucking chaperone or captain save a hoe. Pool riders who ask me to make mutlipe stops and pool riders who suck their teeth because someone else get in

Trying to tell they can fit 3 ppl in the 3rd row and 4 ppl in my second row when I only have 7 pax seating capacity incl me. I go into momma mode.

When they get in and call me sexy and ask if I’ve ever been with a brother before… It hasn’t happened much but it still is scary when it does. At that point it’s time to ask them to get out of the car.