Your 12 hours of drive time is about up

So here a situation that happened to me this past weekend I Started out about 7:30 Am Saturday. Sat for an hour and a half at a typical hotel hoping for a ride to the airport. Didn’t get a ride till almost 9 am drove 13 rides to various local spots. With much downtime/sit and waits in between. So at 4 pm I went home and had dinner with my son, showered and relaxed/napped and went back out at 7 pm. I drove till about 11:45 pm and called it a night. Woke up and went back out to 5:30 am again Sunday morning. Shortly after my second ride, I got a message flashed on the screen “Your 12 hours of drive time are about up,” (Something to that effect) Shortly after, I get a call, a nice airport run. I drop him off at the airport and head to the airport staging area. I then realize the app has knocked me off, claiming I have been driving for 12 hours. When I didn’t even drive 10 hours, plus I went home and slept for almost 6 hours before starting on Sunday.

I called support, and get a nice Philippine girl who speaks terrible English. She reviews my concerns and says, ”log out of your account, uninstall the app, then reinstall and it should be ok!” No, it wasn’t! It wouldn’t let me drive again till 1:45 pm. Wasn’t the end of the world, but it wasn’t the correct way they claim it should work. They couldn’t fix it, and or wouldn’t!

I was thinking maybe she did too the way to figure that out is to check your acceptance ratings if it was left on and u got pings while sleeping then it would’ve dropped

If you go offline you need to be off for 6 hours no 5:58, not 5:59 6 hours or more log back in even a minute before your timer reset, and you will screw yourself.

P.s. under account select driving time and it will tell you however many hours are left

I believe you may have been in violation in that 24 hour period anyway by D.O.T. standard not Ubers
Ubers 12 hour clock doesn’t work correctly at all anyway it only records wait time for pings so the driver could work 16,17, OR Dangerously 18 hours hrs or more if they kept getting pings non stop, THAT SO CALLED 12HR CLOCK NEVER WOULD TICK!
It takes full 5 minutes after the last drop off before it even begins again, but back times including that past 5 min.

Should be as follows legally to Mo law passenger carrying vehicles.

Hope this is typed correctly, to be understood it may happen in the future?
So study Missouri DOT Passenger carrying laws and regulations on D.O.T. website.

15 hours total on duty 12hr drive time anytime within the 15hrs.
The only 8hr straight off-duty resets clock.
…at least last time I checked, Could have been changed, but I wouldn’t believe 6hr break, but we are a different breed of drivers!

Violations would have begun at 5:30 a.m You’re 15 o’clock was up at 12:30 a.m. Sunday. You never gave your 15-hour clock 8hrs to restart If the state starts regulating our hours we could get a duty regulation violation from D.O.T, So drivers be careful If these regulations are coming as I think??

All you have to do is just log off for 6 hours, or more so you don’t have to wonder why is it like that and don’t have to mention PHILIPPINE GIRL WHO SPEAKS TERRIBLE ENGLISH because I speak terrible English as well ever since I got here nine years ago.

Your Tagalog will also be terrible or any language if you speak them.

I have heard other people say that even though they have closed the app, which it didn’t log them out and they would get pings in the middle of the night. Weird stuff.

I only drive 8 hour strips, I once tried 12 hours, but had a two hour break in the middle. I don’t understand how anyone can drive 12 hours without a shift break between each shift of at least 8 hours in between. I go by the 6S rule: shower, shit, sleep, sustenance, sex, and shift. Without the first 5, the 6th S (Shift) won’t be fun.