You use a Nissan Leaf for UberX too?

So far my casualties are two tires. Lucked out on a third, the nail landed right in the center of the tread and I was able to get it patched for 13 bucks. Also gotta keep in mind that I’m 17k further into my battery life cycle, but luckily those are gonna get cheaper by the time I need a replacement with the new factories going online in the next couple of years.

Your best strategy (financially) is to drive your Uber car until it is no longer accepted for Uber usage, then replace it. Otherwise, you’re putting your car’s depreciation in the high-speed lane and all you’re doing is collecting your car’s depreciation in cash and not making near as much money as it seems like you’re making.

But you will feel that hit when you go to sell the car and the high mileage yields a low selling price. And that’s typically when the realization comes that you haven’t really been making money as you’ve been driving the new car for livery services.

Your right in regards to uber X but I have a SUV limousine so I can’t keep a beater for to long. I will actually keep the car and draft it as a family car. I have a 2004 Yukon that needs retirement soon lol

If you don’t have a beater and driving on the uberX platform then you will have one in a bout 2 years from now. People don’t understand what they’re doing to their cars but they will sooner then later… I’m in the livery business and killing my commercial vehicles.

We are the one percent of drivers who understand the true cost of operating a livery vehicle. Now, don’t even get me started on the topic of insurance and how most drivers are actually operating in an uninsured or underinsured position.

You are gaming the system beautifully. Well done. Since your goal with Uber is NOT to make any real money, your plan is flawless. Kudos to ya!

Granted, I’m not in any unique situation. There are plenty of other families that could benefit from bringing in a couple hundred dollars a week while showing a tax loss. But unfortunately, that’s not the reason most people are in this gig

Bottom line everyone needs to think about is that if you put 50K miles in a year something eventually is going to happen. I hit a metal rod on 285 which flattened the left rear tire…luckily I had to replace all four anyway.

That’s the problem right there. UberX drivers are simply cashing out the equity in their cars, ergo they’re not really earning a profit.

If you’re replying to the OP he mentioned 4 oil changes in 30k. Probably okay using synthetic oil. Some manufacturers suggest 10k intervals under normal use. Those same manufacturers might consider Uber extreme/commercial use calling for more frequent oil changes.

That’s true, but an oil filter should never be allowed to go 7500 miles. Yes, manufacturers say it’s OK to go that long, but I’ve been around cars long enough to know better.

I have 4 vehicles. I use full synthetic in 2 of them. $80 each. I change the fluid at 4500 miles. The one I use for Uber I change once a month. The other once every 3 months. My truck 2 times a year since I don’t use it much. And my motorcycle once a year.

I used to do that, too. Hell, I used to swap motors out of my cars when I got bored. But I’m far too busy for that kind of task now. I can’t remember when the last time was I changed out brakes and turned rotors. But one of my renters is a mechanic, so he cuts me great rates on service, parts, and repair.

Anyone else lose a window regulator to door slammers? My right rear (which got almost no use before I started uber) is done for. I pushed the window all the way up by hand and took out the fuse controlling that window. I don’t think I will fix it for now, pax don’t deserve it.

I used to be a mechanic and now have 2 that work for me in my “real” job managing a fleet of heavy trucks and equipment so I know a little about maintenance.